China News Service, Beijing, October 20 (Reporter Zhou Yin) China Railway Electrification Bureau reported that on the 20th, the Chaoyang-Linghai Passenger Dedicated Line (hereinafter referred to as Chaoling Passenger Dedicated) constructed by China Railway Electrification Bureau was the first catenary wire The successful erection of Jinzhou North Station in Liaoning marked the entry into the catenary erection stage of the Chaoling Passenger Dedicated "Four Electricity" project.

The first catenary wire erected by Chaoling Passenger Dedicated Group Photo by Zhang Rongzhou

  According to the person in charge of the Chaoling Passenger Dedicated Project of China Railway Electrification Bureau, the Chaoling Passenger Dedicated Line is drawn from Chaoyang Station of Beijing-Shenzhen High-speed Railway, and connected to Linghainan Station of Qin-Shen Passenger Dedicated Line after passing through Chaoyang and Jinzhou in Liaoning Province. There are 3 stations with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

The professional construction of the catenary includes 3 stations and 6 sections. The whole line adopts the AT power supply (autotransformer power supply) mode, and the main line adopts the fully compensated elastic chain suspension mode.

  The person in charge stated that the project team fully implemented the "Detailed Design Process Quality Standards", and the Catenary Specialty has optimized and improved 8 processes, and ensured by curing tooling, factory pre-configuration, first article evaluation, and professional team implementation. The installation accuracy and process quality of the catenary are improved; through the precise control of the lead height and pull-out value, the lead smoothness and elastic uniformity of the catenary are improved, and the system improves the bow-to-net relationship to ensure the safety of the train after the line is opened. Stable operation.

Construction Site.

Photo by Zhang Rongzhou

  It is understood that Chaoling Passenger Dedicated Catenary Specialty is expected to complete the construction of the main project in December this year, and the line is expected to be opened in July 2021.

After the opening, Chaoling Passenger Train will realize the interconnection of Beijing-Shenzhen high-speed rail, Qin-Shen passenger train, and Harbin-Dalian high-speed rail. The travel time from Jinzhou to Beijing will be shortened from the original 3 hours and 03 minutes to about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The running time will be shortened from 4 hours and 39 minutes to about 3 hours.