These smart decor and layout ideas allow you to optimize your small space.


Philippe Demougeot

Difficult to furnish when you only have a few square meters.

Studio, maid's room or former concierge's lodge, the lack of space is one of the major problems of housing in the city.

What are the mistakes to avoid in order not to weigh down a small space?

Which arrangement to favor?

Philippe Demougeot, interior designer specializing in small spaces, gives his advice.

Choose large furniture

The main risk in a small space is overfurnishing.

Almost paradoxically, explains Philippe Demougeot, “you have to put big things in small spaces”.

We prefer a large soft sofa rather than a slew of small seats.

It is also better to favor furniture with a permanent function rather than modular elements, in order to know where to eat and where to sleep.

We will leave aside the sofa bed, but we can bet on an adjustable height table that will serve as a coffee table or dinner table according to your needs.

A united decor

Stay sober or even minimalist: the important thing is to keep a unity throughout the apartment, by not having more than three shades or more than three finishes.

For example, the walls will be painted white, with light wood furniture, and shades of blues or pinks will be used on textiles: rugs, cushions, bed linen.

This rule is very important at floor level: tiling that suddenly turns into parquet makes the space smaller.

"It shouldn't be too heckling", summarizes Philippe Demougeot.

A harmonious decoration enlarges the space and rests the eyes.

In the bathroom, unlike other rooms, avoid white, which is too messy.

The right choice: tiles, which resist moisture better than paint and are easy to clean, a large full-length mirror and the bare essentials - shower, sink, toilet - in terms of furniture.

Storage: a key element

Rather than a multitude of small storage units, we will install a large built-in cupboard on an entire section of wall and equipped with doors, which will hide your belongings when you are not using them.

"Otherwise, if you see the washing machine with cleaning products, tea towels, it's a bit camping," warns Philippe Demougeot.

In the bedroom in particular, avoid overloading the area around the bed with bedside tables or a headboard.

The beds with the box spring lifts allow you to store many objects.

Another possibility: arrange your bed on a platform.

Make way for the light

A small space will appear larger if it is well lit.

To optimize the luminosity, the window surround should remain in light colors with a white roller blind or roller blind.

It will also be necessary to target a fairly tonic lighting in the entrance, the bathroom and the kitchen, with recessed lighting in a white false ceiling.

In the bedroom and living room, however, you can install softer lights to create a cozy atmosphere.


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Materials made to last

In a small space, it is essential at all costs to invest in quality materials that will stand the test of time.

With proximity, there is a greater risk of damaging the furniture or spraying liquids on the walls and the floor.

And, with the lack of space, the slightest flaw will immediately jump out.

It may also be necessary to opt for quite expensive custom-made furniture.

In a small space, quality takes precedence over quantity.

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