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A million annual salary is so easy to get?

Behind the high salary is the high threshold, the renewal rate determines the course fee, the famous teacher is also the product manager

  "The annual salary of 2 million to recruit online teachers is not capped!" "The annual salary of the'high school large class teacher' position is 500,000, and the annual salary of outstanding people can exceed 1 million"... With the 2021 graduates, the school recruits enter the "grabbing" "At the stage, the eye-catching high-paying job openings and media attention made Liu Peng, who is about to graduate from a certain university in Shanghai, a little restless: can I really earn so much money as an online teacher?

  Since the epidemic, online education stations have become "outreach", and online class teachers have become a profession comparable to "net celebrities."

The graduates of Tsinghua University and Peking University with the aura of prestigious school dominance have become "popular fried chicken".

Are there any online teachers who reach this income level?

Who can hold and eat this bowl of "rice" with an annual salary of one million?

In the past few days, many online course teachers from various platforms such as Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Dialogue Job Gang have revealed how online course teachers get millions of annual salaries and the fierce competition among online schools.

getting Started

Getting an offer is not easy, but the high education threshold is just the first hurdle

  "Using clever methods to solve the perfect score, no worse than anyone else, I am the best student, give the best answer, go home with a smile..." rap is singing on the screen, homework help live class S-level teacher Bai Haotian sings rap in the classroom. In his opinion, it is part of the classroom, "to interact with the children to help them ease their stressful study." Born in 1994, Bai Haotian graduated from Zhejiang University and joined the industry in 2017. He mainly teaches junior high school mathematics. He said that his annual income can reach more than one million.

  In Bai Haotian's view, he chose the teaching profession as an accident. When he was tutoring his nephew with his homework, he found that he had the potential in this area, and it coincided with the period when online education was booming.

But for fresh graduates who have just stepped out of school, it is not easy to get this offer. Behind the high salary is the high threshold. Generally speaking, the high salary is based on high education.

According to the criteria for recruiting lecturers for the homework help live class this year, graduates of Tsinghua University, Peking University and the world's TOP30 universities will be selected into the resume pool.

Not only homework gangs, but graduates from top universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University have always been the focus of competition for top education and training companies.

  For example, in the recruitment brochure for the 2021 school recruitment of Youdao Excellent Courses, the selection criteria for the resumes of high school large class teachers are to meet one of the following three conditions: graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, National People's Congress; 2020 QS World University Standard Rankings Top 50; won gold, silver and bronze medals in the national competitions of five university subjects in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics; the college entrance examination scores are in the top 100 in the province, Or the top 20 in the city.

  “In the tens of thousands of fresh graduates’ resumes every year, no more than 3% of them will eventually become the main lecturers of the head online education company.” The head of human resources for the homework help live class revealed that all the teachers are actually more like one According to their statistics, less than 3% of the people who meet the requirements of the main lecturer of the live broadcast of the large class are less than 3%. They are also the top group of the pyramid, and the graduates of ordinary education are excluded from the first level.


"Fame" time limit is only one year, there must be "18 martial arts" in front of the camera

  Even if it enters the ranks of 3%, it is not an easy task to go from an ordinary online teacher to a famous teacher with an annual salary of one million.

From entering the online course teacher industry to a famous teacher with an annual salary of one million, in Bai Haotian’s view, it is not a simple matter. “From joining to actually going to substitute lessons, there are many trials to go through.” Bai Haotian said, first of all, we must be familiar with "learning". Bai Haotian called these abilities "internal strength".

Correspondingly, there is naturally the requirement of "external skills". "As a teacher, you need to deduce and explain a piece of knowledge clearly. This also requires a lot of training." Bai Haotian said that he needs to record every class and look for the camera. Sense, and then continue to optimize according to the video performance.

  Bai Haotian's "camera sense" is also the second hurdle that online teachers must pass to enter the industry.

Liu Hui (a pseudonym), the head of training at another head online education institution, vividly referred to the teachers at this stage as the "trainees" before the "debut".

"After two rounds of screening in the recruitment stage, qualified candidates will have to go through two to four weeks of training." Liu Hui told reporters that almost all online education institutions at the top will teach teachers in these two to three weeks. Training in knowledge, expressiveness, classroom talent, etc. allows teachers to continuously establish their own style and "personal design."

After the pre-job training is over, the teachers will enter the corresponding department according to their performance, and start the internal lesson preparation, practice, examination, and teaching training within the department, that is, post-job training.

Of course, this process is also a "layered" process, which involves "grinding lessons" (sharpening courses) and tens of thousands of classroom exercises, and the training time left for each teacher is only about one year. If the teacher fails to meet the standard, he will face being "optimized".

Whether it is a one-on-one lecturer at the "bottom" of the pyramid or a "famous teacher" at the top, the key depends on whether you can be liked by students.

  "The more excellent ones can only start their posts after half a year." Zhang Lifeng, who teaches at Xueersi Online School, has 12 years of offline teaching experience and turned to an online teacher two years ago.

For the common ground of the two, Zhang Lifeng gave keywords such as "Educational feelings and sense of responsibility", while for online education, he emphasized expressiveness and logical ability. The post-post pre-job training has no time limit. When will the requirements be met, when will it end.” Zhang Lifeng said frankly that post-job training is even more difficult. The test of each teacher is not only to take the children to play, but also to design the classroom. , "A lesson, where to set up interactive questions, where to summarize, where there are difficulties, etc. Rhythm control is very important. If you can't pass the design, you will never be able to work."


The head agencies are as secret as the insiders: two ways of calculating pay

  How many young teachers sitting in front of the camera can become "famous teachers" with an annual salary of one million?

Liu Hui said frankly that this proportion is not high, and only teachers with the top level of online large classes in each online education institution can get an annual salary of more than one million.

"The salary level of online large class teachers is often linked to the level of the teacher and the number of students they can teach." Liu Hui revealed that the level of the teacher mainly depends on the entry time, and the difference is not particularly large.

Therefore, the number of students in a teacher's class has become a key factor in determining teacher salary.

  Zhang Lifeng clearly felt that since the beginning of this year, the number of practitioners in the online education industry has been clearly expanding. The epidemic has made more people aware of the importance of online education, and many companies in the industry have also increased their investment and seized the market.

Although the salary of online education practitioners is on the rise, Zhang Lifeng believes that the so-called "annual salary of one million" has a cognitive bias, which is not an average level.

"The time fee for the last class is definitely different from the time fee for the last eight classes. From my personal point of view, if the teacher focuses on enrollment, it is against the original intention of education."

  In interviews with reporters, the leading online education institutions kept secrets about their salary systems.

Liu Hui told reporters that salary is regarded as an industry secret for online education institutions, but generally speaking, there are two models.

For online large classes, one is based on class hours. One class is 40 minutes. Generally, a class consists of two class hours. Each class is a few hundred yuan as low and a few thousand yuan as high. The class fee is determined by Renewal rate.

The other is based on the salary of the students. For example, online large classes usually have 500 students to tens of thousands. "If each student is commissioned at 10 yuan, then if it is a live class with tens of thousands of people, the income can be imagined. "Of course, this "commission" is not fixed. The influencing factor is the attendance rate. If the attendance rate is only two thousand in an online class with tens of thousands of people, then the commission is likely to be only 2 yuan.

  Liu Hui told reporters that if the online lecturer is also responsible for other affairs of the organization, there will be a basic salary, but the basic salary is mainly determined by the company according to the applicant’s graduation college and interview results at the time of entry. This part is fixed every month and only accounts for A small part of its salary.

  Unlike offline teaching and training teachers who are only responsible for lectures and scores, online education has a complete chain, including traffic, sales, lecturers, tutors, teaching and research teachers, teacher polishing, live video, data feedback, etc.

"Therefore, the main lecturers of online courses are all working in teams, and a famous teacher with a high renewal rate must also be an excellent product manager."

Expert perspective

"Xueba" is not equal to "famous teacher"

"Internet celebrity" will eventually return to the quality of education

  How to treat the phenomenon of hiring famous school "students" as online class teachers with high salaries?

In the view of Xiong Bingqi, director of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, this is nothing new.

"Graduates from prestigious schools such as Tsinghua University and Peking University are actually a normal employment choice and the result of a two-way choice." Xiong Bingqi believes that graduates from prestigious schools such as Tsinghua University and Peking University will return to educational institutions to teach people to do questions. "It seems to be a reincarnation, but this is not the problem of graduates from prestigious schools. It is the demand for training created by market demand. Individual choices cannot be mixed with the problems of the education evaluation system. The key to eliminating training craze lies in the quality of education. Improvement.

  In fact, society has always had great expectations for graduates from prestigious schools.

In Xiong Bingqi’s view, graduates from prestigious schools who are known for their “student hegemony” have to make two-way choices when they are employed, just like ordinary graduates. On-line training institutions are also the result of market selection. “The resource supplier only needs to complete the relevant requirements. Realizing consideration may become a trend in the future." Xiong Bingqi believes that online training institutions and school education are equivalent. Some people may say that "students" have gone to training institutions. What about the students in the school?

Xiong Bingqi believes that this requires schools to increase their efforts to attract high-quality talents and form a virtuous circle.

  Then, can the "student hegemon" of Tsinghua University and Peking University become a real "famous teacher"?

In Xiong Bingqi's view, this is not always the case. The key lies in his post-employment performance and truly improve the quality of education through continuous accumulation.

Xiong Bingqi also believes that it is unnecessary for some online education institutions to train “famous teachers” by creating “net celebrities” during the graduate induction training stage. “We can make up for shortcomings in a targeted manner, but traffic and conversion are two different things.” Xiong Bingqi It is said that the purpose of students choosing online courses is to improve their grades. The means of Internet celebrity is only to attract attention for a while. It is one thing to attract people. Whether or not to stay is the key. Education is a long-term stage. Finally, the quality of education is returned. This is the last word.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Li Yanqin