China News Service, Shouguang, Shandong, October 17 (Sha Jianlong) The planting surface adopts a large span of 12 meters, and the plant is cultivated in a suspended manner. The branches and vines of tomatoes "climb" along the rope, and the yellow flowers follow the circulating wind of the ventilation system. Pendulum, a few staff members issued "instructions" online, and the robots shuttled busily.

This is a scene in the "China Shouguang Type" smart glass greenhouse in Shouguang, Shandong, the "Vegetable Capital of China".

  The "China Shouguang" smart glass greenhouse is 312 meters long from east to west and 256 meters wide from north to south. It is independently developed and designed by China and applied more than 120 patented technologies. It is popular in Shouguang, which is popular in winter heating greenhouses. attention.

The staff introduced the advanced technology used in the "China Shouguang" smart glass greenhouse to the reporter.

Photo by Sha Jianlong

  At present, most greenhouses in China are "Dutch Venlo" multi-span greenhouses, which have problems such as large energy consumption and high operating costs, and the summer temperature is too high for production.

Dr. Lin Sen from the National Agricultural Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center introduced to a reporter from that the smart glass greenhouse combines the thermal insulation and heat storage functions of the Chinese solar greenhouse with the large space advantages of the "Dutch Venlo-type" multi-span greenhouse. Applying the world's first time-sharing shut-off intelligent external insulation, solar greenhouse waste heat recovery, greenhouse air heat pump heating and other technologies, it can be continuously produced throughout the year, and the comprehensive energy consumption is more than half of the Dutch model.

The picture shows the inspection robot in the "China Shouguang" smart glass greenhouse.

Photo by Sha Jianlong

  Lin Sen said that the "China Shouguang" smart glass greenhouse was designed in accordance with the climate characteristics of northern China, suitable for the regional climate environment, and the land utilization rate was more than doubled.

Structurally, the glass greenhouse has a large slope, external insulation, and a pressurized ventilation system.

Intelligent equipment is equipped with intelligent equipment such as positive pressure ventilation, robots, carbon dioxide and ozone spraying, and water and fertilizer integration.

There are more than 20 robots in the "China Shouguang" smart glass greenhouse, which can realize pollination, transportation, spraying, inspection and sorting automation.

Photo by Sha Jianlong

  The positive pressure environmental control system has the functions of heating and cooling, humidification, dehumidification and air filtration, as well as carbon dioxide replenishment and ozone disinfection functions. It controls the air quality from the source, realizes the greenhouse environment control effect with the optimal energy consumption, and solves the summer cooling The effect is not good, and it is difficult to keep warm in winter.

Lin Sen revealed, “For intelligent equipment, we have developed a set of managed greenhouse intelligent management and control cloud service system, which realizes all the management and control cloud operations in the greenhouse.”

  Pollination, transportation, spraying, inspection and sorting... the agricultural production that originally required manual labor can be realized by more than 20 robots here. Lin Sen said that with the "wings" of science and technology in agriculture, it will "fly" higher and farther. (Finish)