New Corona Japanese Digital Technology for Infection Control in Asian Countries October 18, 12:02

As the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread, there is a growing movement to utilize the digital technology of Japanese companies for infection control in Asian countries.

Ubie, a medical venture in Tokyo that is developing technology to ask questions about illnesses using AI = artificial intelligence, has expanded into Singapore and will start services for hospitals from this month.

When a patient answers a question about a symptom using a smartphone etc., AI judges what kind of illness is possible and tells the doctor.

It is expected to reduce the waiting time and consultation time, and reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus.

Yoshinori Abe, a doctor and representative of the company, said, "In Asia, there is a strong need to supplement the inadequate medical system with digital technology, so I feel the potential."

In addition, the construction consulting company "Nippon Koei" has expanded into tourist destinations in Myanmar and is developing a website that shows the status of local infection prevention measures.

As Asian countries are highly interested in digital technology and the market is expected to grow, the country is also subsidizing to support its expansion.

Hideaki Fujisawa, Chief of the Asia-Pacific Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, said, "I want you to bring about innovations that solve Asian issues and bring them back to help solve Japan's issues."