, Zhengzhou, October 17 (Li Mingming) "The most talked about is personal positioning and job search direction. The job applicants hope to engage in is not limited to the major they study. As long as the prospects for development are good, they are willing to try." at 16. At the large-scale talent exchange meeting of famous enterprises in Zhengzhou City, "Hundred Schools, Thousands of Jobs, You Are Here", Su Shan, the mass entrepreneurship tutor of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Henan Province, introduced the current situation of job seekers to reporters.

  On the 16th, the "Hundred Schools, Thousands of Jobs, You Come to the Grade" 2020 Henan Famous Enterprises Large-scale Talent Exchange Conference was held in Zhengzhou.

On that day, 176 households and nearly 4,000 recent college graduates from the province participated in the job fair.

  When the reporter visited the job fair site, he found that many job seekers had indeed changed their career outlook.

Innovation leads to employment and entrepreneurship, and industries similar to “cloud technology” have gradually been accepted by job seekers.

Meng Jiao, who graduated from Henan University of Technology, told reporters: “My major in university is Chinese. I want to break through to find an administrative job or live broadcast job. Live streaming has been very popular recently, and I just saw a network technology company. I want to try."

  Unlike previous job fairs, most job seekers who came to this event were "post-95s" and even "post-00s."

These young people have active thinking, cheerful personality, sunny self-confidence, and stronger ability to accept new things. In addition to hoping to find a stable job, they are more willing to try new fields that have not been engaged in, such as "cloud platform, cloud live broadcast", etc. Is one of them.

Recruitment unit communicates work-related content with job applicants.

Photo by Yang Yingliang

  Zhang Shuai, who has graduated for a year, majored in accounting at the university. Because he has not found a suitable unit, he is ready to find a job in the live broadcast category at the event.

Because he can operate various live broadcast-related APP software proficiently, and has been engaged in video editing and other work part-time, Zhang Shuai gained a large degree of recognition when answering questions from applicants.

  "I majored in business administration, and I used to work as a secretarial in a company for a while. Today, after communicating on the spot, I found that the medical sales category is also very good. In addition to having a good salary, I can also exercise my social skills. "In the process of applying for employment, Li Jie of Zhengzhou Institute of Business and Technology is also preparing to boldly try "new" jobs when facing the needs of positions in different industries.

  In fact, in addition to the change in job-selection outlook of applicants, the employment standards selected by recruiters have also changed.

The person in charge of a network company in Zhengzhou told reporters that the development of cloud technology has become fierce, and our recruitment is not limited to students who graduated from computer science.

"As long as it is young people who dare to innovate and have sensitive thinking, the unit will consider them, because the development of science and technology needs them, and practical ability is more important."

  Employment, as the key to "six stability and six guarantees", is an important issue related to people's livelihood and social stability.

How young people can get better employment and achieve breakthroughs in the workplace is also the focus of today's social science and technology development.

  "In many cases, personal interest development or other work skills mastered are actually more important than the majors learned. If innovative thinking is opened up, future work options will be more diversified." Wang Chao of the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League said that the Communist Youth League is serving Young people are promising in terms of employment and entrepreneurship, and will continue to use "innovation to lead employment and entrepreneurship" as the work idea to help more young people expand employment and entrepreneurship channels so as to realize their dreams.

  In this job fair, in addition to large local enterprises in Henan participating in the recruitment, there are also many well-known small, medium and micro enterprises from Internet development and shared technology. The industry scope involves cultural creativity, IT technology, marketing, education consulting, etc.