New Corona A major restaurant specializing in home delivery and take-out October 17, 17:26

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there is a growing tendency to avoid eating at restaurants, etc., so major restaurants are trying to capture changes in needs and secure sales, such as opening stores specializing in home delivery and takeout. Is spreading.

Of these, Denny's, a family restaurant, opened a store specializing in home delivery and takeout in Shinjuku, Tokyo on the 12th of this month.

The store is about a quarter of the size of a standard store and has no tables or chairs.

Since the rent is kept low and there is no need for employees to serve customers, the operating cost of the store is about 30% of the conventional cost.

As the number of customers eating in-stores is decreasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Yusuke Yamamoto, director and executive officer of Seven & i Food Systems, said, "All needs are needed at existing stores alone." It is difficult to meet the demand, and we would like to capture the demand by creating a specialty store. "

In August, the hamburger chain Mos Burger also opened a specialty store for home delivery and takeout in Shinjuku.

In the future, we would like to increase the number of stores after verifying sales.

Regarding eating out, Saizeriya, a family restaurant, is also planning to develop a small store that supports home delivery, and companies are expanding their needs to refrain from eating out.

Sales The restaurant industry continues to be in a difficult situation, and home delivery remains at a high level

According to a survey released on the 8th of this month by research firm NPD Japan based on responses from 130,000 consumers nationwide, sales in the restaurant industry were higher than in March and the same month last year. It decreased by 29% and dropped to minus 62% in April.

After that, although it has picked up a little, the severe situation continues at -30% in August.

Above all, the food and drink in the store was minus 74% in April and minus 36% in August, and the food and drink in the store has dropped significantly.

On the other hand, sales of home delivery increased more than three times last year in May due to the spread of infection, and remained at a high level of 23% in August, and consumer needs are in-store. It shows that we are shifting from eating and drinking at home to home delivery.