[Explanation] On October 16, 2020 Changchun (International) UAV Industry Expo opened. Large central enterprises, leading enterprises, and universities in the field of UAVs in China made their appearances, bringing many top technology products.

  Changchun is a well-known "aviation city". It is the research and development site and manufacturing site of important technologies and equipment in China's aerospace field. The Air Force Aviation University, the cradle of Chinese aerospace flight talents, is also located here.

  The theme of this expo is "Science and Innovation Empowers Intelligence to Create the Future".

Among the exhibition activities in the field of drones in China, this expo achieved the largest display area, the highest level of exhibition, the richest content, the largest number of exhibitors, the strongest exhibitors, and the largest number of exhibited drones in the country. ".

  During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, civilian drones played an active role in medical rescue, epidemic prevention and inspection, killing operations, and material transportation, which fully proved the great creativity and broad application prospects of this emerging vehicle.

  At the Expo site, Wang Hongyun, who has been surrounded by drone enthusiasts for consultation, is very busy. He needs to constantly introduce the advantages of intelligent manned-level autonomous electric vehicles.

  [Concurrent] Wang Hongyun, Technical Advisor of Intelligent Manned Autopilot Electric Vehicle

  After adopting this unmanned driving method, it will save a lot of costs. First, the cost of the aircraft is saved, and the other is the cost of cultivating talents. We only need a ground crew to control it.

  [Explanation] Plan route, ground control, and safe autonomous flight in advance.

Wang Hongyun introduced that the current intelligent manned-level self-driving electric vehicle has been applied to the fields of emergency rescue, low-altitude tours, logistics and transportation.

He believes that this technology will have a wider range of applications in the future.

  Song Xun from Beijing conducted an outdoor multi-drone formation demonstration on the same day. He and his scientific research team won the Air Force’s first "Unmanned Fighter" Intelligent UAV Cluster System Challenge with the help of intelligent autonomous collaborative control technology for multiple unmanned aerial vehicles. prize.

  Song Xun hopes that with this opportunity, he can communicate more with his colleagues.

  [Concurrent] Song Xun, a staff member of the Second Department of the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation

  The intelligent autonomous collaborative control of multiple drones and multiple unmanned aerial vehicles is a very difficult technology, and it has a very broad application prospect in both military and civilian fields.

Moreover, there are about three to four domestic companies that are doing relatively well in this direction. This exhibition will show the leaders, experts and audiences participating in the exhibition, so that our technology can bring us to the development of the entire drone industry. Some traction.

  [Explanation] During this expo, participating drone companies will also have an in-depth exchange of drone R&D and application technologies to promote drone market development and cooperation.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan and Sun Boyan from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]