President of the Japanese Bankers Association October 15, 20:24, responding accurately to corporate needs in collaboration with government-affiliated financial institutions

As the effects of the new coronavirus continue to prolong, companies are moving to raise funds from financial institutions to strengthen their financial base.

At a press conference, Kanetsugu Mike, Chairman of the Japanese Bankers Association, expressed his desire to respond appropriately to the needs of companies in collaboration with government-affiliated financial institutions.

As the impact of the new Corona continues for a long time, ANA Holdings, a major airline company, will receive a loan called "subordinated loan" that can be regarded as part of the capital, and Seibu Railway and Prince Hotels of the Seibu Group will issue "priority shares". We are making adjustments to receive an investment of 80 billion yen from our main trading bank.

Regarding the move to raise funds to strengthen the financial base in this way, Chairman Mige of the National Banking Association said at a meeting on the 15th, "Lending to companies that want to secure cash on hand has made a round, mainly for large companies. We anticipate that it will often take some time for business to recover. We need to keep an eye on whether there is a growing need for funding to increase capital. "

He acknowledged that raising capital funds is more risky than general loans, and that there is a limit to what private banks can do, and he said, "The companies to be supported are employment and the local economy. It is important to firmly identify and support the roles that are in place, "he said, and expressed his desire to accurately meet the needs of companies in collaboration with government-affiliated financial institutions.

Mizuho FG President Sakai is appointed as the next chairman

Meanwhile, the Japanese Bankers Association has announced that Mizuho Financial Group President Tatsufumi Sakai has been appointed to replace Chairman Mitsuge, whose term will expire at the end of March next year.