[Explanation] From the blue strands of the road to crossing the river by feeling the stones, to today's industry benchmark, XCMG has taken the courage to ride the wind and waves and stride forward to climb the highest point of "Mount Everest" forever.

Recently, China News Agency interviewed Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. He shared with reporters the prosperous years of XCMG development and described the magnificent new blueprint for China's construction machinery.

  [Explanation] Walking into XCMG Group, headquartered in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, is like walking into a large-scale and complete construction machinery warehouse.

The world’s first 4,000-ton crawler crane, 1,600-ton all-terrain crane, and 700-ton hydraulic excavator known as "China’s No. 1 Digger"... more than 100 domestically produced first (sets) of major mechanical equipment are here one by one produce.

Originated from the Eighth Route Army Lunan Eighth Arsenal, XCMG has a history of 77 years.

In the 1960s, New China's first truck crane and first road roller were born here.

  [Concurrent] Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  XCMG is in a business with fierce competition, rapid technological progress, and high demands.

XCMG is a wholly state-owned enterprise. In 31 years, we have taken an extraordinary path. After arduous efforts, we have always maintained the first level and position in China.

  [Explanation] "The Man at the helm" Wang Min is 66 years old this year. He joined XCMG at the age of 18 and has been working for 48 years. Wang Min knows the development history of XCMG very well.

  [Concurrent] Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  I always feel that we still have a gap in mechanism, and we still need a mechanism conversion in pursuit of high efficiency, high benefit and future sustainability.

  [Explanation] Wang Min told a reporter from China News Agency that the "mixed reform" has brought a new mechanism.

In September, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. signed an equity transfer agreement with three state-owned holding companies for a total of 5.4 billion yuan. Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a total of 15.656 billion yuan with 12 strategic investors and employee shareholding platforms. RMB capital increase agreement.

This will become China's largest mixed reform order in 2020, and the largest mixed reform order for China's equipment manufacturing industry in the past three years.

  [Concurrent] Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  The "mixed reform" is a measure to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, injecting an old state-owned enterprise in a fully competitive industry into the vitality of the system and mechanism, so that it can accumulate decades of culture, industry, and technology. Whether it is talent or not, let it burst out so that XCMG can develop in a long-term, healthy and sustainable manner.

Because it has new elements injected, new vitality will surely be produced. 

  [Explanation] "Mixed reform" means that the interests of employees and investors are firmly tied to the destiny of the company's development. This move is regarded by Wang Min as an extremely critical step to the summit of "Mount Everest".

  [Concurrent] Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  Mixed reform, mixed reform, mixed reform is an advanced mechanism to come in, this is the most suitable mechanism for market competition, XCMG should establish.

My goal is to achieve "the summit of Mount Everest", and only when it is changed can the obstacle be broken.

Entrepreneur innovation activities are the key to enterprise innovation. In the past, reorganization was carried out on the "flat ground", but now it is carried out on the "peak". The difficulty is self-evident.

The mixed reform has created a first-class mechanism, creating the greatest impetus for XCMG to reach the summit of Mount Everest in the next step.

  [Explanation] Time has witnessed the value of struggle. In the face of the epidemic, XCMG launched the "three major battles" of the anti-epidemic and resumption of work, the resource defense war, and the export battle, and achieved an upward trend: in the first three quarters, operating income and main operating income increased significantly. Both production and sales achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 30%, setting a historical record.

Fearing hard and struggling to climb, XCMG is now on the stage of the world construction machinery industry with a new look.

  [Concurrent] Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  An international enterprise, a world-class enterprise must make strides to enter the international high-end market.

In the past few years, XCMG has increased its investment in research and development, and its main direction of core components has been more clear. It should be said that it is very popular with users in terms of "three high and one large" products.

  [Explanation] Facing the rapidly changing and fiercely competitive market environment, Wang Min believes that we must make "foreign friends", build "Allied Forces", and break the "Wuzhou Road".

  [Concurrent] Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

  I always think that the traditional manufacturing industry of construction machinery is not a sunset industry, it is a sunrise industry, because the world needs construction machinery too much.

It is impossible for a company to conquer the world. Now we and global suppliers are also cooperating in an alliance style. The supply chain is very important. Everyone is a goal and a concept. I feel that XCMG’s future will be more than I imagined. Beautiful.

  [Explanation] In the digital workshops of XCMG Group's intelligent production line and the assembly process of super large equipment modules, the intelligent robot arm can freely control the welding, and sparks are splashing on the spot.

According to the person in charge of the production line, at present, XCMG's 9 intelligent production lines focusing on the three major components and core parts of the crane have been started.

  Reporter Zhu Zhigeng and Ge Yong reporting from Xuzhou, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]