China News Online, October 13th (Fan Zhonghua) When the global epidemic prevention is normalized, how can the "new online economy" become a powerful new starting point for boosting domestic demand?

How will the online new economy, which Shanghai first proposed and focus on development, become an indispensable part of the new pattern of dual-cycle development?

What breakthroughs and innovations are needed to promote the deepening of the online new economy driven by innovation?

  At the 2020 Shanghai “Online New Economy Forum·Hongqiao Summit” with the theme of “New Economy·New Kinetic Energy” held on October 13, Zhou Huilin, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Minister of the Propaganda Department, said that since the outbreak, Shanghai has The new economy is an important development direction, and the online new economy has played an important role in capturing the epidemic prevention and control and achieving the "double victory" of economic and social development.

  Chen Mingbo, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Municipal Government, pointed out that the epidemic has given birth to a new online economy, but at the same time, the online new economy is a support point for epidemic prevention and control, a focal point for promoting economic transformation and upgrading, and a starting point for building future development advantages.

  Data shows that in the past six months, the "online new economy" has achieved initial results in activating the domestic demand potential of Shanghai and promoting stable economic growth.

In the first half of the year, Shanghai's online retail sales were 122.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 5%; online information consumption increased by 50%, online digital content industry increased by 20%, and new generation information technology bucked the trend and increased by 10.5%.

  In the just-concluded National Day Golden Week, the city's offline physical consumption was 65.99 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.2%, and online retail sales were 35.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.7%.

  Chen Mingbo said that Shanghai has the country's leading information infrastructure, the most abundant application scenarios, a solid industrial foundation and highly dynamic human resources, which naturally meets the environmental needs of online new economic development, and has a fertile soil for the new economy to sprout and grow first. .

  But he also pointed out that there are still many "no man's land" in Shanghai's development of a new online economy that urgently need to be broken.

For example, online education, Internet hospitals, and other innovative fields such as data and information management, as well as the scope of road testing involving unmanned driving, need to implement new systems, and key industries need to provide new support and cultivate new advantages.

  Xiong Shiwei, director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center, agreed.

He pointed out that the current development of Shanghai's new online economy is still faced with several issues such as breakthroughs in the underlying core technology, gathering of high-end talents, sharing of information and data, and a "game of chess" for regional development.

"This is not only a difficulty, but also an opportunity for innovation and development for Shanghai as an international economic, financial and technological innovation center."

  The core of the new online economy lies in innovation.

In Xiong Shiwei's view, the new online economy conforms to the trend of intelligent, intelligent, digital, and shared industrial development.

Taking the strengthening of traditional competitive industries as an example, the online new economy can be empowered from four directions: intelligent transformation, digital empowerment, service transformation and integration promotion.

"Under the new online economy, there are no boundaries between production and services, and between primary, secondary and tertiary industries."

  Experts at the meeting agreed that Shanghai's creation of an "online new economic highland" is very conducive to its further consolidation of its function as a core hub linking domestic and foreign countries.

  "The most important factor hindering the domestic economic cycle is the contradiction of insufficient demand, and the online new economy embodies the vital vitality of the Chinese economy." Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, recognized Shanghai's efforts to develop an online new economy. As a big country economy, China's economy has a strong "self-circulation" characteristic. It is a basic logical clue to drive enterprise investment, employment, and consumption through government investment."

  He also reminded that the new online economy is a new thing and needs to be further implemented in terms of market supervision, rulemaking, and the improvement of other development environments.

"It embodies the energy accumulated by the Shanghai economy over the years, a very important new growth point, which allows us to strengthen our confidence."

  As the "opportunity" in the "crisis" of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, what development opportunities does the online new economy have for enterprises?

  Zhang Qiang, chairman of United Imaging Medical, said that the changes in 5G communications, big data, cloud computing and other aspects brought about by the new online economy will bring broad development space for the medical care undergoing digital and intelligent transformation.

"During the epidemic, online medical care played a good role in emergency response, allowing us to realize that online and intelligent medical care driven by innovative technologies will achieve more applications."

  Changke Liu, CEO of Light Education, also believes that the new online economy will extend the traditional online economy to the concept of physical e-commerce to the level of service e-commerce, so that the future development potential will be greater. "The peak of online education demand during the epidemic will bring enterprises With the improvement of technology and product data capabilities, companies will make rapid progress in the post-epidemic era."

  Liu Ping, chief engineer of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, said that by 2022, Shanghai will focus on key industries and strive for new breakthroughs and new developments in three areas: new intelligent manufacturing, new consumption and new services.

  The first is to use industrial interconnection to promote the creation of new manufacturing kinetic energy, to build 100 smart factories in the city with the characteristics of digital production, process automation, and intelligent management, and to build Shanghai into the core output location of global intelligent manufacturing system solutions; second, to brand Internet marketing boosts new consumer demand; the third is to innovate and transform new service methods in business models.

  Chen Mingbo said that Shanghai will further leverage on its first-mover advantages, strengthen core technology research, strengthen the opening of application scenarios, strengthen the construction of an innovative ecosystem, cultivate the most influential groups of Internet entrepreneurs, and strive to build an internationally influential “online new economic development highland” ".