Since the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a huge impact on my country's economy and the world economy, and market players are facing unprecedented pressure. This is an extraordinary test of the resilience of China's economic system and an extraordinary test of the national governance system and governance capabilities.

On July 21, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a symposium for entrepreneurs and delivered an important speech. He mentioned the concept of "market entities" 16 times and made specific requirements for protecting and stimulating the vitality of market entities.

Improve the business environment for fair competition among various market entities

  By the end of 2019, the total number of market entities in my country has reached 123 million, including 38.58 million enterprises and 82.61 million individual industrial and commercial households. State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-funded enterprises, and individual industrial and commercial households have been formed. The main market subject pattern.

The large number of market entities is one of the unique advantages of my country's economic development. They are the main participants in my country's economic activities, the main providers of employment opportunities, and the main promoters of technological progress.

To protect market players, it is necessary to ensure that the positions of different market players are fair and to create a fair and competitive business environment for different market players.

  First, create a policy environment for fair competition.

In October 2017, the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Fair Competition Review System (Interim)" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other five departments required that policy-making agencies are formulating market access, industrial development, and other regulations, normative documents, and other economic activities involving market entities. When policy measures are taken, fair competition review should be conducted to assess its impact on market competition and prevent the elimination or restriction of market competition.

The promulgation and implementation of these measures have provided a fair market environment for various market entities.

  Second, give private enterprises equal status and implement equal protection.

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, my country’s private enterprises have developed vigorously. The private economy has grown from small to large and from weak to strong. It has played an important role in stable growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment, and improving people’s livelihood, and has become an important force in promoting economic and social development. .

Currently, private enterprises contribute more than 50% of the country’s tax revenue, more than 60% of GDP, more than 70% of technological innovation, more than 80% of employment, and more than 90% of the number of enterprises.

To protect market entities such as private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, it is necessary to further grant equal status to private enterprises and implement equal protection in policies.

  Finally, protect the legal rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises in accordance with the law.

Foreign-funded enterprises have played a unique and important role in my country's economic development.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, my country has established a total of 1 million foreign-invested enterprises in 2019, and actually used foreign capital of 941.52 billion yuan, an increase of 5.8% year-on-year, setting a new record high, ranking first among developing countries and second in the world.

In the process of promoting high-quality development and promoting modernization, we must attach great importance to the use of foreign capital, create a suitable investment environment for foreign capital, accelerate the implementation of the new version of the negative list of foreign investment access, and coordinate to solve the difficulties and problems faced by foreign-funded enterprises and key foreign-funded projects .

Strengthen the confidence of market players

  In the face of the sudden epidemic, the Party Central Committee made overall plans and made decisive decisions, insisted on putting people’s life safety and health first, and coordinated efforts to promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development and achieved positive results.

In the second quarter of this year, my country’s economic data has improved significantly, economic growth has turned from negative to positive, exceeding market expectations, and various economic indicators have recovered and improved. This is due to the Party Central Committee’s solid efforts to do the "six stability" work and fully implement the "six guarantees." The clear deployment of the task has benefited from the introduction and implementation of a series of policies and measures to protect and support market entities by various regions and departments, as well as the firm confidence and positive measures of various market entities.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the effects of a series of fiscal and monetary policies have been continuously released, forming strong support for stabilizing the economic fundamentals.

Market consumption has improved month by month, sales of commodities such as automobiles and home appliances have rebounded, and pent-up demand and constrained supply during the epidemic are gradually recovering.

While the epidemic has caused a huge impact on some industries and companies, it has also accelerated the development of the digital economy, forcing many companies to transform and upgrade, and speed up the filling of shortcomings in the industry. The momentum of economic development is changing.

All these have greatly enhanced the confidence of market players. Since March, the manufacturing purchasing manager index and non-manufacturing business activity index have remained above the threshold for four consecutive months.

  Confidence is more important than gold. The great attention of the party and the state has created a good development environment for the majority of market players. The implementation of relevant macro policies has made it possible to not only survive, but also achieve greater development.

Stimulate pioneering and innovative entrepreneurial spirit

  Entrepreneurship is one of the most scarce resources and the most fundamental competitiveness. As a market entity, an enterprise must introduce new products, provide new standards, implement new management, adopt new technologies, and open up new markets. There is no need for innovative entrepreneurs. spirit.

  Entrepreneurs shoulder the mission of deepening corporate reform.

The essence of enterprise reform is to activate the five elements of enterprise capital, land, labor, technology and management, and the implementers of management elements are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.

If the entrepreneurial spirit cannot be effectively stimulated and protected, it will be difficult for enterprises to achieve their own development through reforms.

  Entrepreneurs bear the mission of "pioneers" in opening up.

Opening up is not only about bringing in, but also about going out.

Enterprises are the mainstay of going global and must emphasize the cultivation of entrepreneurial spirit, give play to the role of entrepreneurs, and lead enterprises to actively participate in international cooperation.

  Entrepreneurs have an irreplaceable special mission to lead innovation.

Faced with the impact of the epidemic, the majority of Chinese entrepreneurs have not been intimidated by the difficulties. While providing strong material support for the prevention and control of the epidemic, they have been tenacious to save themselves.

They demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era of facing up to difficulties, innovating and working hard, and repaying the society.

  At present, the global epidemic situation and the world economic situation are still complex and severe. The challenges facing my country's development are unprecedented, and the pressure facing market players is unprecedented.

The more risks and challenges we face, the more we must forge a team of entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurship, regard patriotism as the basic prerequisite for doing business without distraction, innovation as the key to achieving high-quality development, and integrity and law-abiding as adapting to the construction of a socialist market economy It is an important guarantee for the company, taking social responsibility as the fundamental requirement for a firm foothold, and expanding international horizons as an important requirement for using both domestic and international markets and resources, so that the majority of entrepreneurs can continuously improve their ability to seize new opportunities in a crisis And level.

Only in this way can we not be afraid of headwinds, lead enterprises through difficulties, and stimulate vitality to further improve the quality and efficiency of our economy.

  "The depth of the water makes the fish happy, and the strong city makes Jiaxing."

The protection and stimulation of market vitality is inseparable from the joint efforts of all sectors of society.

We must take concrete actions to deepen reforms to create a fair and transparent business environment for market players.

To actively build a new type of pro-Qing political and business relationship, entrepreneurs must strive to promote the improvement of social modern management with the effectiveness of the modern management concept of enterprises.

The whole society must vigorously create a social atmosphere that is brave to innovate, encourage success, and tolerate failure, and have more trust and understanding of different market players, and form a good social environment that promotes entrepreneurship.

(Author: Fan Libo, the Department of Beijing Xi Jinping new era of ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics research center special researcher, Professor of International Business School, University of International Business and Economics)