JBA Notification that store functions will be reduced at the discretion of the bank in preparation for the spread of infection October 5, 16:22


In preparation for the further spread of the new coronavirus, the Japanese Bankers Association has issued a notice permitting the functioning of stores to be significantly reduced if it is unavoidable, such as when employees cannot be secured.

The shutter will be released even during business hours so that operations can be limited to accepting urgent loans.

Banks are required by law to operate on weekdays in principle, but there are concerns that if the infection with the new coronavirus spreads further, banks will not be able to maintain their readiness to continue operating.

For this reason, the Japanese Bankers Association, in coordination with the Financial Services Agency, decided to significantly reduce the functions of stores at the discretion of each bank if it is unavoidable, such as when it is not possible to secure employees for more than 180 member banks nationwide. I issued a notice to admit.

Specifically, it is permissible to release the shutter of the store even during business hours and restrict entry so that a small number of people can work.

After that, we will respond to customers who visit the store through the intercom, etc., and accept urgent matters such as loan requests, while opening the window for applications that the bank judges not to be in a hurry, such as updating the bankbook. It means to guide you to the nearest store.

The Japanese Bankers Association says that these measures are limited to cases where normal business is absolutely difficult, and if they are to be implemented, they will also encourage polite explanations to customers.