A virtual destination for the real estate industry that provides an exceptional investor experience

«Land and property» launches «invest in Dubai real estate»

  • Innovation is key to shaping the future of the real estate industry.


  • Sultan bin Mejren: “We are constantly looking for ways to cement Dubai’s reputation as a role model for smart cities in the world.”

  • Magda Ali Rashid: "The real estate sector contributes to the growth of Dubai's economy, and strengthens its position as an attractive city for investors."


The Dubai Land Department, through the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Sector, and in cooperation with the Strategic Company, announced the launch of the “Invest in Dubai Real Estate” initiative, the virtual destination for the real estate industry, and the latest and most prominent real estate promotion initiatives in the Emirate of Dubai.

Through this event, unprecedented interactive features will be revealed from 11 to 20 November 2020, as it will launch its first virtual initiative, to provide an exceptional experience for the global real estate community.

Virtual destination

The department confirmed in a statement yesterday that the initiative aspires to be the best virtual destination for the real estate industry, using the latest virtual technologies, relying on a digital platform that will update the real reality and the real estate industry in Dubai.

This initiative will lead to more broad commercial opportunities for the Dubai real estate market, in conjunction with the International Property Show.

"Invest in Dubai Real Estate" will contribute to removing barriers and linking exhibitors, developers, investors and professionals around the world in a real way to maximize real estate investment opportunities in the local market, with the aim of further enhancing economic progress and sustainability in the emirate, in cooperation with one of the leading technology companies, "Events 10X".


Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of the Dubai Land Department, said: “Innovation is a fundamental pillar for shaping the future of the real estate industry.

The ability to quickly adapt to various real estate scenarios, such as using technology to transform the future of the industry, is essential, to maintain flexibility and gain a competitive advantage in international markets.

Dubai Land is active in adapting innovation and using artificial intelligence, because we are constantly looking for ways to establish Dubai's reputation as a role model for smart cities in the world. ”

An investment destination

The "Invest in Dubai Real Estate" initiative will fundamentally promote innovation to present Dubai as an attractive investment destination for local and international investors.

Participants in the event will have a unique, immersive and interactive experience that contributes to their exploration of the city's global infrastructure, distinct cultural features, business centers, and other wonderful features that will shed light on Dubai and its bright image.

Magda Ali Rashid, Executive Director of the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Sector at the Department of Land and Property, said: “The real estate sector contributes significantly to the growth of Dubai’s economy, and strengthens the emirate’s leading position as an attractive city for investors through the“ Invest in Dubai Real Estate ”initiative, recently launched by the department from Through the sector of promoting and managing real estate investment ».

According to data revealed by Financial Times Markets, Dubai maintained its first position among the top three investment destinations in the world this year, with the continued flow of foreign direct investment into the city despite the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, attracting capital of 12 billion dirhams during First half of the current year 2020.

The 10-day digital event will feature a wide range of interactive and profitable activities that will act as a catalyst for attracting more investments in Dubai.

The main exhibition for investment in Dubai will include a virtual exhibition of the latest local real estate projects, workshops, conferences and networking opportunities, which will create huge and profitable opportunities in various sectors.

The event will also provide virtual professional training sessions and related educational resources, to enhance participants' knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and raise awareness of industry trends and developments.

Participants will also have the opportunity to gain deep insights from leading real estate experts and professionals, join interactive discussions on new market trends and opportunities in the Dubai real estate sector, thus allowing participants to make informed decisions about their investments.

360 degrees

The Land Department confirmed that the investor will be able, through the 3D virtual instructions feature, to view projects in a 360-degree angle, and visitors can also hold meetings, conduct commercial transactions and conclude deals when they arrive for the virtual office tours.

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