Japan Post Bank Requests Thorough Information Sharing by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications by Unauthorized Withdrawal October 1, 18:18

Regarding the problem of illegal withdrawals of savings through cashless payment services at Japan Post Bank, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said that the improper sharing of information within the group led to delays in countermeasures, and the parent company Japan Post. We requested that information be shared thoroughly.

At Japan Post Bank, in addition to linked electronic payment services such as "docomo account", the debit prepaid card "mijica" issued by the bank has also revealed illegal withdrawals of savings.

Regarding this, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications told Japan Post on the 1st, "The fact that the information that started fraudulent use was not shared in a timely and appropriate manner contributed to the delay in Japan Post Bank's measures." We requested that the business management of the group be carried out reliably.

In this, we will make further efforts to share important information promptly within the group, and also to carry out a comprehensive inspection of Japan Post Bank's cashless payment service and a quick and reliable relief response for victims. , Japan Post wants guidance.

In addition, we request that you report on the status of these responses by the 10th of next month.

Japan Post "Prompt and thorough sharing of important information within the Japan Post Group"

Regarding the request from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan Post commented, "We will take the request seriously, thoroughly share important information within the postal group, and provide appropriate guidance to Japan Post Bank." I put it out.