Emirates Airlines uses "environmentally clean" buses for crew travel in Dubai

Emirates Airlines has revealed that about a third of its bus fleet dedicated to the transport of air crew members in Dubai is currently running on biofuels, which is another step forward in its environmental mission to reduce emissions.

Al-Ejdania Company, which has a contract with Emirates Airlines, has committed to operate all buses using biodiesel supplied by the UAE company, Neutral Fuels, which is a leader in the production of biofuels from locally used cooking oil as a raw material.

Emirates Airlines uses a fleet of about 50 buses in Dubai alone to transport air crew members safely between their residences and workplaces, and the average distances covered by these buses reach 700,000 kilometers per month.

As with air operations, route planning and the schedule of ground movements are also an important aspect of maximizing transport efficiency and reducing emissions.

The CO2 emissions savings from this initiative alone are estimated at 75,000 kg per year.

Emirates Airlines continues to work with other transportation suppliers to expand this initiative to the entire transportation fleet.

The CEO of "Neutral Fuels" Karl W. Felder praised the success of the Emirates Airline initiative and the "sentimental", noting that it is in line with the energy-related sustainability goals that the UAE has committed to achieving by 2050.

The use of biofuels reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and the change can be made easily because the shift from fossil fuels to biofuels does not require any modification to diesel engines.

Also, this type of fuel has a positive effect on engines because its lubricating properties help prevent premature wear. It also works as a cleaner in fuel systems and removes dust deposits, which improves efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.

In addition to this initiative, Emirates Airlines is currently experimenting with using electric buses at Dubai International Airport to transport crew members between the terminal and the aircraft.

Over the past years, Emirates has made sure to use electric cars for its operations on the ground wherever possible.

At the Emirates Modern Engineering Center in Dubai, which includes a complex of hangars, workshops, material stores and offices, more than 130 electric vehicles and 80 electric handling vehicles, including forklifts, are used in daily operations.

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