Tomorrow's liquor tax rate change Third beer with price increase Bulk buyers also September 30 19:07

With the revision of the Liquor Tax Law, the tax rate on liquor will change from October 1st, and the so-called "third beer" will be raised.

Before this, at retail stores in Tokyo, we saw people buying "third beer" in bulk.

Of these, on the liquor sales floor of a consumer electronics mass retailer in Shinjuku, Tokyo, cases are piled up with a pop that says "The price of the third beer will be raised from October. As soon as possible" near the entrance of the store. Was there.

At this store, the price of the third beer will be raised by about 300 yen per case of 24 bottles of 350 ml after the tax increase on the 1st, so some people will buy 5 cases at once from last week. , It means that the number of customers who want to buy while the price is low is increasing.

A woman in her 50s who bought two of these cases in bulk said, "I heard that the tax will be increased, so I came to" rush ". My family often drinks, so I'd appreciate it if it's a little cheaper."

Another woman said, "Beer is going down, but it's still expensive, so I'm not thinking about switching. The third beer was attractive because it was cheap, but I'm a little unconvinced that the tax will be increased." I did.

Mizuki Masuda, chief of the liquor department at BicCamera Shinjuku West Exit, said, "I would like to expect an increase in sales of beer and sake, which will lower the liquor tax as the price of the third beer rises."

Craft beer company Expected to grow in popularity of beer

On the other hand, regarding the reduction of the beer tax rate from October 1, some craft beer makers hope that beer will become more popular.

"Beer Planning", which manufactures and sells craft beer, brews beer at each of its eight stores in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, and sells freshly made beer.

This time, the beer tax rate will be reduced, but the company will not reduce the selling price of beer.

Regarding the tax reduction, we would like to use it to increase the amount of hops used as raw materials, to make beer with a richer aroma, and to develop new products using new materials.

Takayuki Fujikawa, the head brewer of beer planning, said, "Because the amount of brewing is different, we cannot compete with major companies in terms of price, so we would like to be able to provide consumers with delicious beer with added value. Sales are tough due to the corona virus, so we want to give a lot of people a chance to know about our company's beer. "