The former Socialist Minister of Economy and Finance Michel Sapin was on Europe 1, Wednesday, at the microphone of Julian Bugier.

He was notably critical of the management of the health crisis by President Emmanuel Macron.


Emmanuel Macron "does not have the essential backbone for a politician".

Michel Sapin, former Minister of Economy and Finance of François Hollande, was at the microphone of Europe 1, Wednesday, and did not mince his words about the President of the Republic.

"He seizes the opportunities, he speaks according to a situation," said the former minister about Emmanuel Macron.

In the context of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic, Michel Sapin calls for rationality.

Rationality which Emmanuel Macron would have lacked, according to the former minister, in his speech of March 16, 2020 by repeating several times that "we are at war".

"We cause fear, we play on the irrational", denounces the former tenant of Bercy.

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