Change in liquor tax rate Third beer Stores with sales increased by 30% from August Osaka September 30 21:28

From October 1st, the tax rate on liquor changed, and 30 days before the tax rate on the third beer was raised, people were seen buying in bulk at supermarkets.

With the revision of the Liquor Tax Law, the tax rate for the third beer will be raised by about 10 yen for 350 ml.

On the 30th just before, at a supermarket in Ibaraki City, Osaka, there were many customers who bought a case of 24 bottles in bulk to buy a third beer while the tax rate was low, and the clerk seemed to be busy. Was being replenished.

A woman in her 70s in Toyono-cho, Osaka, said, "I'm going to drink up soon, so I came to buy it today. I don't want the liquor tax to go up."

At this store, the latest sales of the third beer have increased by about 30% compared to August.

Takayuki Okuda, the food store manager of "Al Plaza Ibaraki," said, "I want to meet the demands of customers until today's closing."

On the other hand, the beer tax rate will be reduced by about 7 yen per 350 ml from October 1st.

At this store, the price of many beers will be reduced to reflect the retail price, and from this weekend, advertisements will be inserted in newspapers to promote sales.

How the price changes

The liquor tax rate varies depending on the ingredients and manufacturing method of liquor.

The government has decided to review the tax rates for beer-based beverages in stages, saying that differences in tax rates are affecting the product development of manufacturers, and will unify them in October 2026.

As part of this, from October 1st, beer will drop 7 yen per 350 ml to 70 yen, while the third beer will rise 9.8 yen to 37.8 yen.

In addition, wine will be raised by 7.5 yen to 67.5 yen in terms of 750 ml, while sake such as sake will be reduced by 7.2 yen to 79.2 yen in 720 ml.

However, since liquor tax is levied when it is shipped from the factory, it is up to each retailer such as a supermarket to decide how much it will be reflected in the retail price.

On the other hand, in addition to most low-malt beer, the tax rate for distilled liquor such as shochu and whiskey will remain unchanged this time.