“According to my forecast, the fall will be more than 4%, maybe even almost 5%.

But exactly somewhere between 4 and 5%, ”Kudrin emphasized.

Nevertheless, according to him, at the moment "the situation in the economy is certainly better than predicted at the beginning of the pandemic."

“At that time, we expected a decline in GDP by 8% for the year.

This was due to the fact that Russia was experiencing the shock of the pandemic, shutdowns of enterprises in a number of regions, and the shock of low oil prices, "Kudrin said.

However, after the resumption of the OPEC + deal, oil prices reached a comfortable level for the Russian economy and recovered to $ 40 per barrel.

“This is much better than the price we were preparing for.

We thought that it would be below $ 30, and $ 40 is already not bad, and most likely the value will not fall below this level by the end of the year, ”added the head of the Accounting Chamber.

Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia prepared a review "The picture of business activity", which states that the decline in the country's GDP in August slowed down to 4.3% in annual terms.