Kioxia HD listing postponed for the time being Against the background of tightening Huawei regulations in the US September 27, 17:57

Kioxia Holdings, a semiconductor manufacturer independent of Toshiba, has decided to postpone its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange scheduled for next month for the time being.

The background is that the US government has tightened regulations on Huawei, a major Chinese telecommunications equipment company, and the future of the business is becoming more uncertain.

Kioxia Holdings, the world's leading manufacturer of NAND flash memory, which is a storage medium, and independent of Toshiba, was scheduled to list its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 6th of next month.

The market capitalization of the stock is expected to be about 1.5 trillion yen, which is expected to be the largest for a new listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

However, the impact was unavoidable as the US government began to regulate the supply of semiconductors to Huawei in China, which is a major customer, on the 15th of this month.

Under these circumstances, the company has decided to postpone the listing for the time being, saying that the future of the business is becoming more uncertain.

The decision on how long to postpone it will be made after carefully assessing compliance with US regulations and market trends.

The movement by the Trump administration in the United States to regulate Chinese companies is becoming stronger, and the impact on Japanese companies is likely to spread in the future.