Lebanon: Prime Minister renounces himself appointing a new government

Lebanese Prime Minister Moustapha Abid.

REUTERS / Mohamed Azakir

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Less than a month after his appointment, the Lebanese Prime Minister, Moustapha Adib, gave up in the face of the political blockages which prevented him from forming a government, in a crucial period in the history of Lebanon, which is sinking in a serious economic and political crisis.


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From our correspondent in Beirut,

Paul Khalifeh

After a meeting with the President of the Republic

Michel Aoun

this Saturday 26, the second in less than 24 hours,

Moustapha Abid

threw in the towel.

May God protect Lebanon

 ", said in a serious tone the Prime Minister designate, who failed to form a government within 15 days as the political parties have pledged to do

with Emmanuel Macron.

, September 1.

Mustapha Adib has come up against the demands of the Shiite parties, which insist on obtaining the finance portfolio and on appointing their representatives in the executive power.

A brief meeting on Thursday with negotiators from Hezbollah and the Amal Movement ended in failure.

But behind Mustapha Adib stand the former heads of government, including Saad Hariri, who pushed the Prime Minister-designate not to give in to the Shiite parties.

The government crisis illustrates the deep mistrust between the traditional parties that control the government.

The Shiites suspect the Sunnis of wanting to remove them from the executive power, while they have, with their allies, a majority in the House.

The Sunnis, for their part, accuse the Shiites of wanting to thwart the French initiative, considered the last chance to prevent the sinking of Lebanon.


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