To achieve the takeover of Suez, the Veolia group first wants to acquire the participation of the French water and waste management firm in the firm Engie.

The latter holds a board of directors on this issue, Friday afternoon, which could prove decisive in a gigantic game of liar poker.


Tomorrow, who will provide tap water and collect waste?

This is what is at stake in the current battle between Veolia and Suez.

The first group wants to get their hands on the second and, for that, wants in particular to buy the participation of Engie in Suez.

Friday afternoon, Engie is holding a board of directors on this issue.

This new episode in the bitter battle between the two groups could prove to be decisive.

A Suez counter-project?

This fight looks more and more like a gigantic poker liar.

However, some certainties emerge, such as the fact that Engie wants to sell its 29.9% stake in Suez quickly and at a good price.

The State, Engie's largest shareholder, agrees with this sale, on condition that the buyer is French and that he undertakes to keep the jobs.

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For its part, Veolia is ready to make every effort.

Friday morning, he even wrote to the Suez teams, in the regional press, to reassure them.

In order to convince everyone, Veolia will also increase its offer.

On the other hand, Suez still refuses to be bought by Veolia and seems ready to do anything for it.

The water and waste management group is preparing a counter-project, but is asking for time to complete it.

Time is counted

In the meantime, to everyone's surprise, Suez decided on Wednesday to place its "Water" activity in France in a foundation under Dutch law, in order to block the sale.

A "pitiful" maneuver, believes the CEO of Veolia, Antoine Frérot.

The world leader in waste does not intend to give up and always puts forward the industrial interest of the project.

Friday afternoon, Engie should play the referees.

Time is running out because Veolia's offer runs until Wednesday.

Officially, it won't last longer.