The price of Feitian Moutai is “Flying” again: the retail price rises twice a day, and the scalpers enter 1,000 yuan a day

  China Business Daily/China Business Network (Reporter Zhou Ziying/Picture) National Day Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Feitian Moutai is on fire again.

Although many direct platforms such as Tmall and Wumart indicated that they would increase supply, a reporter from China Business Daily found during their visit that the price of Feitian Moutai in many tobacco hotels in Beijing still rose to 3,500 yuan per bottle.

Scalpers "run and break their legs" earn thousands of dollars a day

  Whether it is the "flying trapeze" who travels to and from Guizhou's Zunyi Moutai Airport every day, or the regulars who pick up Feitian Moutai at Wumart's gate every day, the role of scalpers is inseparable from the feast of Moutai.

And this year's "Double Festival" is approaching, Feitian Moutai is very hot, and many scalpers have already "activated".

  "Wu Mart continues to improve the eligibility to purchase Feitian Moutai. At present, only 3,776 yuan can be used to purchase two bottles, but there is still money to be made." Ma Dong (pseudonym), who has been engaged in Maotai's business for a long time, revealed to a reporter from China Business Daily .

  It is reported that Wumart announced that from September 23rd to 27th, 15,000 bottles of Feitian Moutai will be released every day in the Beijing area. Consumers who meet the redemption qualifications can purchase directly at designated stores.

The redemption qualification is "two bottles of Feitian Moutai can be purchased with a single-day consumption of 3776 yuan."

  "I ran several times a day today, and I insisted on five days without breaking my leg." As Wumart raised the threshold for purchasing Feitian Moutai, Ma Dong went to Wumart stores to spend 3776 yuan every day, and then used more apps. You can purchase Feitian Moutai only by placing an order.

  The consumption of 3776 yuan is naturally not a daily necessities. Ma Dong’s "method" is to buy 3776 yuan milk powder first, resell it to the scalpers, buy two bottles of Feitian Moutai, and then resell them.

“One bottle of Feitian Moutai can make 900 yuan if it changes hands, two bottles can make 1,800 yuan, and one order of milk powder loses 800 yuan, making an average of 1,000 yuan a day.” Ma Dong described his "business experience."

The price increases twice a day, the price is approaching 3500 yuan

  It is reported that since Kweichow Moutai made up its mind to build a direct channel, there have been countless "Ma Dongs" engaged in Moutai "business" through multiple platforms.

Behind this is the popularity of Feitian Moutai. A reporter from China Business Daily visited many tobacco hotels in Beijing on September 23 and found that the current market retail price of Feitian Moutai has approached 3,500 yuan per bottle.

  “Some time ago, it was still 2500 yuan per bottle. Recently, it has risen to 2800 yuan per bottle. The price may increase in a few days.” A tobacco hotel owner in Fengtai District, Beijing told reporters, “It’s not that we want to increase the price. The purchase price is too high, and we earn more than 100 yuan per bottle of Feitian Moutai. In comparison, the promotion price of ordinary Wuliangye is 1050 yuan per bottle after promotion, and the promotional price of Guojiao 1573 is 950 yuan per bottle, and there is not much increase. ."

  And this "worth" was also judged as a "fake" by some tobacco hotel owners.

A tobacco hotel owner said frankly to a reporter from China Business Daily, "At present, the purchase price of Feitian Moutai is more than 3,000 yuan, and you will definitely not be able to buy genuine products below 3,000 yuan." He revealed that the price of Feitian Moutai has risen ridiculously this year, one per day. The price even increased twice a day.

  Even so, there is not much Feitian Moutai in many smoking hotels.

Several tobacco hotel owners all told reporters, “I don’t want to buy them in boxes. There are only two or three bottles of Feitian Moutai.”

There are also tobacco hotels that they need to pay for the purchase of Feitian Moutai, and then they are responsible for the purchase.

  In fact, the price of Feitian Moutai will go up during festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, but this year seems to be particularly hot.

A staff member of a tobacco hotel near Beijing South Railway Station revealed to a reporter from China Business Daily that the retail price of Feitian Moutai in stores during the same period last year was 2,980 yuan per bottle, and this year’s list price was 3580 yuan per bottle.