From today (24th), some of the 2nd Disaster Support Fund will begin to be paid.

Applicants will receive a text message and can apply according to the text message.

How can we quickly receive subsidies such as drought for those affected by Corona who are in need of even a penny?

Let's find out in [Pick Q&A].

Q. What disaster subsidies can be received from today?

A. The first payment begins is the second employment security support fund received by specially employed workers and freelancers.

If you were eligible to receive the first support fund in the past, 500,000 won will be automatically deposited from today to the 29th, even if you do not apply for it.

Q. I am self-employed and I am in a hurry to get money before the holidays, so I really want to get paid before Chuseok. What should I do?

A. Starting today, you can apply through the online site dedicated to'New Hope Fund'.

However, it takes one to two days from application to payment, so you must apply by 17:00 on the 28th to receive it before Chuseok.

You can still apply online this weekend on the 26th and 27th.

Q. How do I know that I am the recipient of the new desired fund to help self-employed persons or small business owners?

A. This is the case when you receive a text message stating that you are eligible for the new desired fund receiving 1 million won to 2 million won each.

A text message has already been sent to the 2.43 million first-line expedited payment recipients.

You can apply on the online site starting today.

Today, only those with an even number of business registration numbers and an odd number on the 25th can apply, and from the 26th, they can apply without distinction.

The rest of the eligible people can apply for a new desired fund after Chuseok.

Q. I want to get it quickly before Chuseok, but is there any way to get it in person other than online?

A. Face-to-face application is not possible.

Small business owners can apply on the New Hope Fund website.

Q. Why is the payment target before Chuseok different from that of Chuseok?

A. The payment targets before Chuseok are small business owners whose government holds data such as sales figures, so they were classified as the primary target for rapid payment.

There are 2.43 million small businesses, including 2.17 million general businesses and 270,000 specially damaged businesses, and you do not need to submit separate documents.

If you are the first candidate and you have not received the notice, you can check it directly on the online application site.

It is difficult for small business owners who have not received the text message to receive support funds before Chuseok.

Sales data, etc., must also be submitted in person.

Q. What is the schedule of the emergency disaster financial resources paid to the general vulnerable?

A. Special child care support fund will be paid on the 28th and 29th.

The special job search subsidy, which is given 500,000 won to young people who have been blocked from employment, will be paid on the 29th of the coming tomorrow and the day after if they apply through the online site for priority only.

The emergency livelihood subsidy provided to 550,000 households whose income has declined due to unemployment, etc., is expected to be paid in November as it must be checked for overlap with other businesses.

Q. When is the communication fee now?

A. Individuals do not need to apply for a 20,000 won communication fee for those aged 16-34 and 65 or older.

The carrier will deduct 20,000 won from the September fee next month and collect the communication fee.

If the September fee is less than 20,000 won, the difference is subtracted from the October fee.

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