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4th supplementary bill passed today (23rd) the State Council.

Part of the 2nd Disaster Support Fund will be paid from tomorrow.

When you receive a text message, you can apply accordingly. The detailed method, date, and reporter Hwa Kang-yoon will explain.


The first payment begins is the 2nd job security support fund given to specially employed workers and freelancers.

If the 1st support fund is received in the account of the person's name, 500,000 won will be automatically paid through the existing account from tomorrow to the 29th without a separate application.

The new desired fund, which is given to small business owners of 1 to 2 million won, has already begun to inform the target person via text message.

Small business owners who receive the text can apply from tomorrow through the dedicated online site.

You must have your own mobile phone or public certificate

Only companies whose business registration number has an even number tomorrow and an odd number the day after tomorrow can apply, and from the 26th, they can apply without distinction.

Payment starts on the 25th, and it takes a day or two to pay after application, so you must apply by the 28th to receive it before Chuseok.

The special child care support fund will be paid on the 28th and 29th.

The special job search subsidy, which is given 500,000 won to young people who have been blocked from employment, will be paid on the 29th of the coming tomorrow and the day after if they apply through the online site for priority only.

[Ahn Il-hwan/Second Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance: In view of the fact that it may take unnecessary time to delay screening or re-verify if incorrect information is entered, we ask the public to provide accurate information.]

Income due to unemployment, etc. The emergency livelihood subsidy provided to 550,000 households, which has decreased, must be checked for overlap with other projects, and payments are expected to be made in November.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Park Ki-deok)