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Jeep Compass & Renegade 4xe -


Apart from the presence of a second fuel door to plug in the driver's side charging socket, and some optional blue accents, nothing distinguishes the new Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe.

The two models adopt the same technical solutions, the basis of which is none other than the new 1.3l petrol engine offered in 130 or 180 hp.

Jeep Compass 4xe - DR

To the latter is added an electric motor with a power of 45 kW (60 hp) for combined powers of 190 hp or 240 hp.

In both cases, it is the electric unit which propels the rear wheels, the heat engine only having the load of those of the front, thus offering a 4x4 transmission, characteristic dear to the brand.

And for having put it to the test on a rough course, we can confirm that the Jeep DNA is indeed intact!

It should also be noted that all-wheel drive is available at all times, including when the battery is empty, since it is then the heat engine which returns part of its energy to continue supplying the electric motor.

Jeep Renegade 4xe - DR

An efficient system

The Jeep 4xe offer three driving modes well known to users of plug-in hybrids: Hybrid, to let the computer automatically manage the distribution of energy flows;

electric to force the use of the ... electric motor, and finally e-Save which allows the battery charge level to be preserved for later use, typically when the end of the journey is in an urban center.

Jeep Renegade & Compass 4xe - DR

This last mode also allows the battery to be recharged while driving.

In practice, the system is very efficient.

The 50 kilometers of 100% electric autonomy promised by the 11.4 kWh battery seems quite realistic in real life, thanks in particular to the energy recovery during deceleration which can be optimized at the touch of a simple button.

All this obviously works very well, even if the change from one propulsion mode to another is more noticeable than on some competing models.

But in a Jeep, it's not really a problem.

Jeep Compass 4xe - DR

What is more, however, are the wanderings of the automatic transmission which seems a little lost when you raise the tone.

Nonetheless, Jeep makes a compelling copy for its first foray into the plug-in hybrid world.

And with their respective emissions of 49 to 52 gCO2 / km, these Renegade and Compass 4xe will be of invaluable help to the FCA group in reaching the drastic CO2 targets set by Europe.

From 38,700 € for the Renegade, 43,000 € for the Compass.


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The Jeep Renegade 4xe in a few figures

  • Engine: 4-cylinder, plug-in hybrid, 1.332cc;

    240hp at 5,750 rpm;

    270Nm at 1.800 rpm

  • Transmission: four wheels

  • Gearbox: 6-speed automatic

  • L / W / H (mm): 4.236 / 1.805 / 1.692

  • Empty weight (kg): 1.770

  • Boot space (l): 330

  • Tank (l): 36.5

  • Electric autonomy

    (km): 50

  • 0 to 100 km / h (sec.): 7.1

  • Max speed (km / h): 199 km / h

  • Combined consumption (l / 100 km): 2.2

  • CO2 (g / km): 50

  • Price: 38.700 €

  • SUV

  • Jeep

  • Hybrid cars

  • Car

  • Automotive