China News Service, Beijing, September 19 (Reporter Du Yan) The "Beijing Accelerating the Construction of the National Jinke New District Three-year Action Plan (2020-2022)" jointly formulated by Xicheng District and Haidian District in Beijing (referred to as "Action" The Plan) was officially released today at the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum Fintech Parallel Forum.

According to the "Action Plan", the "Jinke New District" strives for three years to lead Beijing to become a new highland for global financial technology research and development and application scenarios, a growth pole for industry development, a source of institutional standards, a preferred location for top innovative talents, and a leading financial technology regulatory system By.

  "Three Firsts" in the domestic financial technology field

  According to reports, Beijing will build the Beijing Financial Technology and Professional Service Innovation Demonstration Zone ("Jinke New District") with the Beizhan District, Desheng District, Guang'an District, Haidian District, Beixiaguan District, and Zhongguancun Avenue as the main body. It covers an area of ​​approximately 15 square kilometers, focusing on key areas such as financial security and supervision, payment and clearing services, financing products and services, intelligent marketing and service optimization, financial credit investigation and social credit services.

  Sun Shuo, deputy secretary of the Xicheng District Party Committee and mayor of Beijing’s Xicheng District, stated at the forum that since the start of construction in May 2018, the “Jinke New District” has created “three firsts” in the domestic financial technology sector: the first to propose building finance The technological innovation demonstration zone was the first to be identified as a national-level financial technology demonstration zone, and the first to explore the financial technology innovation supervision pilot.

After the approval of the Beijing Municipal Government, the "Action Plan" jointly formulated by Xicheng and Haidian was officially released, clarifying the construction goals and key tasks of Jinke New District in the next three years.

  Covering the entire ecology of the financial technology industry

  The Action Plan proposes seven aspects and 30 specific tasks, covering the entire ecosystem of the financial technology industry:

  One is to fully promote the research and development of core key technologies.

Support breakthroughs in "stuck neck" and "disruptive" technologies in the field of financial technology, and seize the commanding heights of key financial technologies.

Comprehensively promote the research and development and application of artificial intelligence and big data, continue to promote the progress and upgrading of interconnection technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, and consolidate the foundation of financial technology.

  The second is to vigorously promote the landing of application scenarios.

Efforts will be made to promote the innovation and development of banking technology, payment and settlement, insurance technology, financial markets and other fields, and enhance the convenience of financial services in the field of people's livelihood.

At the same time, promote the expansion of financial technology scenarios with mobile payment as the core to guide residents' energy-saving and low-carbon lives.

  The third is to accelerate the construction of an industrial ecology of "production, education, research, and funding".

Facing the world, leading technology companies are encouraged to set up a financial sector, relying on the development of cutting-edge technology and finance, cultivate and introduce a number of financial technology "unicorn" companies, "single champion" companies and industry leaders, and strive to build a highland of financial technology talents and form synergy Innovation ecosystem.

  The fourth is to create an all-round smart quality space, coordinate and optimize the spatial layout of financial technology, accelerate the construction of smart neighborhoods and smart buildings; promote the application of 5G, blockchain, biometrics and other technologies, build a "financial technology +" smart city, and enhance the refinement of the city Management and high-quality development level.

  Fifth, focus on improving the level of international leadership.

Encourage foreign-funded and export-oriented financial technology institutions to fully participate in the comprehensive pilots of expanding the opening up of the national financial industry and the expansion of the service industry in Beijing, exploring the development of pilots of comprehensive financial technology foreign trade service enterprises, etc.; exploring innovative cross-border financial technology product service models and promoting professional service standards Integrate with international standards; strengthen international high-level cooperation and exchanges, and organize high-quality financial technology events around the world.

  The sixth is to comprehensively strengthen financial technology risk control, actively promote financial technology innovation supervision pilots (the Chinese version of the "regulatory sandbox"), and support the People's Bank of China to build a financial technology innovation supervision risk monitoring center.

  Seventh, strive to create a world-class business environment.

Continue to optimize the ultra-high-level government service environment, increase various policy support, and build a "finance + technology" in-depth docking platform; strive to include financial technology in the scope of the through train work of the Intellectual Property Protection Center, and explore the establishment of a "Jinke New District" financial justice And arbitration mechanisms, strengthen the punishment of illegal acts such as data abuse and privacy violations, etc.

  Aiming at the world-class level

  The development goal of the "Action Plan" aims at the world's first-class level, and proposes to strive for three years to promote the construction of the "Jinke New District" to achieve significant results, and lead Beijing to become a new highland for global technology research and development and application scenarios, industrial development growth poles, and institutional standards source The first choice for top innovative talents and the leader of the financial technology regulatory system.

  Specific goals to focus on building high standards:

  ——Innovative R&D and scenario application capabilities are world-leading.

It has obtained a number of domestic and foreign leading patents and standards in artificial intelligence, big data, interconnection technology, distributed technology, security technology, etc., and formed a number of internationally advanced application scenarios in six major application fields including banking technology.

  ——The development trend of industrial coordinated aggregation has basically taken shape.

On average, more than 20 financial technology companies and professional service organizations with industry influence are introduced annually, and the total number of global/national financial technology leading institutions is no less than 20.

  -Accelerating the gathering of high-tech talents in financial technology.

Implement the "Ten Hundred Thousand" project of financial technology talents, and cultivate 10 financial technology entrepreneurs with international influence, 100 industry innovation and entrepreneurial leaders and 1,000 "financial technology innovation craftsmen".

  ——The internationalization level of financial technology has improved significantly.

Implement the “3×10” plan, organize no less than 10 internationally influential financial technology brand activities, introduce and cultivate no less than 10 internationally influential financial technology leading companies, and participate in the formulation of no less than 10 international Standards and regulatory rules.

  ——The development environment of "Jinke New District" is further optimized.

Strive to provide more than 500,000 square meters of incremental space within 3 years and build a market-oriented professional supporting service platform for Jinke New District.

  Sun Shuo said that in the future, in accordance with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Government, we will make every effort to promote the implementation of the "Action Plan", introduce high-quality financial technology companies and institutions, and strive to build the "Jinke New District" into a world-class financial technology demonstration zone. , To create a new engine for the capital’s economic development and help China’s financial industry achieve new development.