Chinanews Suining, September 19 (Du Cheng) On the 18th, the 2020 National Corporate Culture Live Meeting was held in Suining, Sichuan.

Yin Yuanping, Vice President of China Enterprise Confederation, Yu Ji, Executive Vice President of China Enterprise Confederation, Liang Qin, Vice President and Secretary-General of Sichuan Enterprise Confederation, Zou Guangwen, Professor of Tsinghua University, PhD supervisor and other experts from the field of corporate culture across the country gathered In one session, provide ideas and suggestions for corporate culture construction and direction, and carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions.

  It is reported that this event was hosted by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association, and co-organized by the Sichuan Enterprise Confederation and the Sichuan Entrepreneurs Association.

At the on-site meeting, PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company ("Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company" for short) was awarded the "National Corporate Culture Best Practice Enterprise" and became the first central enterprise in the national oil and gas industry to receive this honor.

  At the meeting, Southwest Oil & Gas Field Company released the Aiki culture with the core concept of "Harmony, Symbiosis, and Beauty of the Country".

  According to reports, "Harmony and Symbiosis" adheres to the traditional Chinese "harmony thinking", upholds the five development concepts of the new era and the idea of ​​a community of destiny, and pursues the philosophy of harmony between man and nature and the concept of responsibility for the integrity of nature throughout the natural gas business chain. The practice view of unity of knowledge and action, the development view of cooperation and win-win, return to nature with green water and mountains, benefit society with clean energy, embrace the era with technological innovation, and create a corporate ecosystem of symbiosis, co-prosperity, mutual benefit and win-win.

And "Qi Mei Jia Guo" is integrated into the national energy production and consumption revolution strategy, with the confidence of deep culture and resource endowment, the courage to struggle hard, not afraid of hardships, forge ahead, and the courage to be the first with determination and enthusiasm. The righteousness of the country is to build large gas fields for the motherland, demonstrate the family-nation feelings of energy central enterprises to serve economic and social development and ensure the national energy strategy security.

Achievement display of Aiki culture construction.

Photo by Liu Jianping

  "The Aiki culture of'Harmony, Living with the Beautiful Country' is in the same line as the'Petroleum Spirit' and the'Daqing Spirit Iron Man Spirit'!" said Zhang Daowei, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Southwest Oil and Gas Company. After more than 60 years of cultural incubation, its connotation Integrating the aura of Bashu regional culture, deeply planting the spirit of Sichuan oil of "hard work, truth-seeking and innovation", embodies the symbiosis state of "the harmony between man and nature, harmony and difference", the symbiosis of "dedicating energy, creating harmony" and "responsibility" The symbiosis of “mountain and beautiful country” creates natural gas and the beauty of life in the green waters and mountains. It demonstrates the loyalty and fearlessness of the oil people who can endure hardship and fight, and demonstrates the oil people's glory for the motherland and the nation. Spiritual quality.

  Zhang Daowei said that Heqi Culture will lead the high-quality development of Southwest Oil and Gas Company, and will "harmony symbiosis" with a new attitude of openness and sharing, and act as a "Qimei Country" with a new attitude of openness and sharing, and strive to achieve "a 30 billion strategic atmosphere in 2020. District; in 2025, the output will reach 50 billion, becoming the largest natural gas producer in China; in 2030, the output will reach 80 billion to build the country’s largest modern natural gas industrial base.” The new “three-step” strategy will be used when the party and the country need it most. Increase the output of natural gas and improve the benefits.

  Yin Yuanping, vice chairman of the China Enterprise Confederation, said that the Aiki culture of Southwest Oil & Gas Company is high in structure, long-term and powerful, which explains the will and quality of generations of Southwest Oil and Gas Field people who are not afraid of hardships and hard work, and do not forget their original intentions. , Noble feelings of forging ahead.

"Today's on-site meeting is to excavate and promote the typical experience of corporate culture construction in Southwest oil and gas fields, so that the majority of enterprises can learn from it."

  Tsinghua University professor and doctoral supervisor Zou Guangwen said that the Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company’s Aqi cultural concept system is impressive, sensible, learnable, and usable, which has further enriched and developed the company’s characteristic cultural concept system, improved its organizational operation system, and explored and established evaluations. The assessment system effectively solves the landing problem of corporate culture.