China News Service, Beijing, September 17 (Reporter Yu Lixiao) On the 17th, the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China issued the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Cooperation Joint Action Initiative" (referred to as the "Initiation") to the world, looking forward to government agencies and science parks in various countries. Actively participate with business incubators as partners and advance together.

  At the “Belt and Road” Science Park Parallel Forum of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum held on the same day, the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology issued an “Initiative”, hoping that partners will jointly develop a business incubation network, co-host various exchange activities, and promote government-industry-university-research cooperation Cooperation in three areas.

  In terms of establishing a business incubation network, the "Initiative" proposes that partners will provide new services and innovative and entrepreneurial vehicles for technology-based startups, such as joint incubators, joint accelerators, and sister co-creation spaces, to support the development of China and the “Belt and Road” The growth of start-ups in countries along the route.

As a result, SMEs and start-ups will get more investment, talent, market information and other innovative elements they need.

  In terms of co-sponsoring various exchange activities, the "Initiative" proposes that partners will organize government agencies, science and technology parks, business incubators and technology companies to participate in forums and seminars to jointly exchange innovation policies and share valuable experience; provide entrepreneurs with Roadshow platform to showcase new business plans; organize business matching activities to help companies find potential business partners.

  In terms of promoting government-industry-university-research cooperation, the "Initiatives" stated that partners will tap more resources to promote "government-industry-university-research" cooperation and support commercial projects developed by technology companies and start-ups.

  With the theme of "The Belt and Road Technology Parks and Innovation and Entrepreneurship", the forum gathered together representatives of technology parks and innovative and entrepreneurial carriers from more than 20 countries to talk about innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation in the global anti-epidemic environment and talk about innovation and entrepreneurship. Future development.