LG Chem has confirmed the spin-off of the world's No. 1 EV battery business.

Small shareholders are struggling with the stock price plummeting 11% in two days.

Reporter Kim Hye-min covered it.


LG Chem held an emergency board meeting on the morning of the 17th and decided to split the battery division.

We judged that the moment when profits in the electric vehicle battery sector are in full swing is the right time to spin off.

LG Chem made the largest operating profit ever in the electric vehicle battery business in the second quarter of this year, and climbed to the top of the world electric vehicle battery usage.

He explained that the listing after spin-off can secure large-scale facility investment necessary to preoccupy the next-generation electric vehicle market.

However, individual investors who bought LG Chem stocks are strongly opposed.

This is because LG Chem owns 100% of the spin-off company, and it is a'property split' method in which existing shareholders cannot share shares, and many people have invested in anticipation of the growth potential of electric vehicle batteries.

The Blue House petition has even been made to recover the damage that would occur if the'real' battery was removed.

In fact, for two days from yesterday, LG Chem's stock price fell by over 11%.

However, some analysts say that stock prices will also be positive if the overall corporate value rises due to preemptive investments in the battery sector after the spin-off.

[Yeon-ju Park/Researcher of Mirae Asset Daewoo: If funding can be raised by spin-off of the battery division, it is expected that in the mid- to long-term, investment and R&D can be focused, so in terms of business competitiveness...

.] At

the general shareholders' meeting on the 30th, whether or not to spin off will be confirmed, but individual shareholders' movements and the choice of the national pension are expected to become variables.

(Video editing: Soyoung Lee, CG: Junho Lee, VJ: Mingu Jung)