The National Assembly, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Small and Medium Venture Business Committee, decided on the original draft for the fourth supplementary bill under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, worth 3,837.9 billion won.

From the point of view of small business owners and self-employed people, the project to support 1 million to 2 million won of the'New Hope Fund', which is almost half of the 4th supplementary bill, is about KRW 3 trillion.

In the [Pick Q&A], we will look at the major issues of the new desired fund announced by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

For more information, you can contact the New Hope Fund Call Center at 1357 without an area code.

Q. What is the reason for'Sales of 400 million won or less' for small business owners?

A. In order to help as many people as possible, considering the average sales of small business owners as of 2018 (240 million won), small card merchants (300 million won), and budget constraints, we have selected small business owners with annual sales of 400 million or less. .

Small business owners with annual sales of 400 million won or less account for 86% of all small business owners.

Q. The sales amount is over 400 million won, but the net profit is small and the damage is large. Can I apply?

A. It is not possible to accurately estimate the net profit of individual companies, and inevitably, the decision was made based on small business owners with sales of less than 400 million won in consideration of the purpose of supporting small business owners, the need for prompt payment, and budget constraints.

Q. If you are running multiple businesses at the same time, will you receive each subsidy?

A. If one representative operates multiple businesses, you can only receive support once based on the size of sales and the one business with the highest number of employees.

Q. Can I receive support for entertainment bars and Collate, which are prohibited to gather?

A. Izakaya and Collate are not eligible for this new funding.

In terms of policy financing for small business owners, it is operated as a business type excluding entertainment bars and non-painting operations such as Collate.

Q. Who is a private taxi?

A. Private taxi operators can apply for a new desired fund if their annual sales are less than KRW 400 million and sales decline this year.

However, corporate taxi drivers are employees of the company and are not considered small business owners and are not included in the new desired fund support.

Q. Can I get support for the lottery sales business?

A. Lottery ticket sales are also not eligible for support.

Regarding the policy financing for small business owners, the government consistently operates the lottery ticket sales business as a business type.

Q. Is it possible to apply for an unregistered business?

A. New Hope Fund is a business for small business owners who are suffering from management difficulties, such as a decrease in sales due to the spread of coronavirus, and unregistered business owners who do not have business registration are not considered small business owners.

However, if the damage is large due to the corona crisis, systems such as emergency livelihood support for low-income families and emergency employment security support can be utilized.

Q. Can I pay before Chuseok?

A. The government said that businesses who can confirm a decrease in sales with administrative information and small business owners who can be identified as specially damaged business types can receive payments quickly through online application.

To this end, the government plans to quickly check who is eligible for payment by using administrative information.

Depending on the time when the government's budget passes or is confirmed by the National Assembly, we are preparing to apply and execute it before Chuseok, but small business owners who cannot confirm the decrease in sales with administrative information will be paid after a confirmation procedure through the local government.

Minister of SMEs and Ventures, Minister Park Young-sun said, "It is practically impossible to be paid to all small business owners before Chuseok," and said, "We expect payments from 28 to 29 as soon as possible if the National Assembly passes on the 22nd." It.

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