Prior to the Chuseok holiday, more than 4,000 courier drivers across the country have announced that they will refuse to sort the package.

Sorting the courier is difficult, but you don't get a penny. It's actually'free labor'.

On this Chuseok, there are many people sending only gifts because of the corona, so it is expected that the number of couriers will increase.

First, reporter Je Hee-won.


Even though the couriers come to work early in the morning, delivery starts only in the afternoon as they are clinging to sorting.

[Kim Gyeong-hwan/CJ Logistics Courier: I work for as little as 6 hours and as many as 7 hours with no labor like this.] More

than 4,000 courier workers will be on the 21st of the coming year unless there are more workers for sorting during the Chuseok holiday. Since then, it has decided to reject the classification process entirely.

[Kang Gyu-hyuk / Co-CEO of the Overworked Workers' Countermeasures for Courier Workers: It is essential to reduce this time of free labor for 5-7 hours. Even at the time when the Corona 19 and the holiday overlap, we temporarily put in the classification manpower... .]

Workers who declared rejection of sorting jobs account for about 10% of all courier workers, but delivery delays can be widespread.

This is because it is basically a task that involves sorting and delivery, and since there are many cases of sending only gifts during Chuseok this year, the delivery volume is expected to increase by 30% compared to last year.

The parcel delivery industry, which held an emergency meeting with the government, decided to add an average of 10,000 people per day for sorting and vehicle delivery.

In terms of the sorting workforce, it is about 20% more than usual.

From the 21st to the 5th of the following month, the government has decided to inspect the manpower situation in the courier industry and provide on-site guidance to prevent long labor.

The courier union announced that it would make a final decision on whether to enforce the rejection of the sorting operation through internal discussions.

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-jun, video editing: Lee Seung-jin) 

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