In Israel, mixed reactions to the normalization agreement with Bahrain and the Emirates

The word "peace" is displayed in Arabic, Hebrew and English on the facade of the town hall in Tel Aviv, Israel, on September 15, 2020. AFP / Jack Guez

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In general, the Israelis welcome a rapprochement with part of the Arab world despite criticism from the opposition.

But several scholars believe that these agreements could ultimately serve as a catalyst for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Michel Paul

Shalom, Salam, Peace

 ": Peace in Hebrew, Arabic and English appears in large letters on the Tel Aviv town hall building and on the walls of Jerusalem, and also on the front page of all the newspapers.

Less enthusiastic, the left-wing opposition points out that this peace treaty is signed with countries that are not at war with Israel.

For Yossi Beilin, one of the architects of the Oslo accords, normalization with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and possibly other countries could upset the cards in the Middle East.


I think this group of countries could become a kind of peace lobby that will shuttle between Israel and the Palestinians to promote peace, resolve differences and build bridges,

 ” he explains.

A columnist ironically notes that the Palestinians participated in the ceremony in their own way,

firing rockets from Gaza into Israeli territory.

As for the



, he points out that if to sign these agreements, Israel has committed to postpone the annexation of part of the West Bank, on the ground, this project has already started.

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