Friendly economy, reporter Kwon Ae-ri is also on the 16th.

Reporter Kwon, The details of the 2nd Disaster Subsidy are being decided one after another. The method of applying and the payment timing are all different depending on which subsidy I am eligible for?



Starting today, you can also contact the call center 110, but in fact, it will be difficult to have a smooth phone connection all the time.

Among the announced support items, there are controversial parts, and although the 4th supplementary bill must pass the National Assembly, it will be all clear, but for now, we will start with the support of 20,000 won per mobile phone that will be applied to the most people.

There is no need to apply.

The charges for September this month will be automatically deducted from my mobile phone bill next month.

If you are eligible for support, you will receive a text message saying that you are eligible for support.

Once deducted, you will receive a text message again.

Corporate phones are not allowed, but it was decided to include cheap phones and prepaid phones.

If you do not spend up to 20,000 won a month.

The remainder is then carried over to the next month and is further deducted.

In many cases, students use the phone in their parents' name.

Since there is only one phone per person, 20,000 won will not be paid unless you change the phone name in the name of the mother or father.

In order to receive this, if you want to change it to your own name, you must go to a nearby cell phone agency or store with documents such as a family relationship certificate.

For support for communication expenses, you can inquire separately at 1335 or 114, which are now subtitles.

It will also be number 1344 starting next week.

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this opportunity, there may be some who want to change the names of their children, but they must be over 13 years old.

And there is also a special child care subsidy in a house with children. When will I be able to receive this?


This is the second most popular item this time.

Cash is paid to 5.32 million people at 200,000 won per child up to elementary school age.

It will be paid within this month, before Chuseok.

No separate application process is required for preschool children from January 2014 to September this year.

Cash will come into your child allowance account.

Elementary school students from January 2008 to December 2013 will also be automatically paid with their school banking account, but children who do not have a school banking account or wish to receive it through another account will be informed by school.

In addition, children who are not attending elementary school because of homeschooling in the elementary age group must apply separately to the local office of education.

The application period is also set after passing the supplementary bill.

Today, I can't tell you all about the process of applying for small business owners, the core of the 4th supplementary support.

You already know most of the things that entertainment pubs and collaborations can't do.

Private taxis can be supported by small business owners.

You can apply.

Corporate taxis are not allowed.

Professions such as lottery and e-cigarette sales, real estate leasing, and pharmacies are also missing.


And the subsidies for freelancers and specially employed workers are different this time depending on whether you received the subsidy once or not?



First, the 500,000 people received in the first round will receive a text message.

You can apply for an additional 500,000 won.

As directed by the text, you can apply on the dedicated website, which is also available in subtitles now.

There is no separate screening.

Payment will be completed before Chuseok.

The important thing is that if you subscribe to employment insurance, you cannot get it.

I got it in the first time, but after that I signed up for employment insurance.

I can't.

When will the person who signed up will be excluded, this will be guided again after the supplementary draft is passed.

New freelancers applying for this time must be judged.

Documents proving your income will be filed in the middle of next month.

It is after Chuseok.

First of all, you must be eligible to work at least between December of last year and January of this year and have an income record for that period.

After all, I am not a member of employment insurance.

Not even a single person has registered as a business, but insurance planners in 14 special employment types covered by industrial accident insurance, golf course caddies, construction machinery workers, etc., can be registered as businesses.

In the meantime, those who have taxable income of less than 50 million won last year and their income in August this year decreased by more than 25% compared to one of the periods shown on the screen.

You can receive a total of 1.5 million won for 3 months starting from November.

You can choose between the comparison periods that are favorable to you.

There is a budget limit.

Currently, there are 200,000 people for new applicants.

If you say that there are too many applicants than the budget, you will be paid from those with less income.

It is not allowed to overlap with support for small business owners or for job seekers.

After the supplementary bill is passed by the National Assembly, we plan to operate a dedicated call center with subtitles.

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call center is still in operation, but if the supplementary bill is passed and it is confirmed, it will be confirmed whether or not to reduce the communication fee or anything else?


is a dedicated call center for each




Also, each department has a dedicated call center?

I heard it well.