Chinanews client, Beijing, September 16th (Zhang Xu) Recently, the Beijing-operated store of the well-known domestic youth rugby training organization "Juge Stone Touchdown" has been shut down. The tuition fees paid by thousands of parents have not been refunded, and money is involved. The scale is more than ten million yuan.

Some parents even said, "The money just paid in September will be gone without a class."

The children are in class at the Stone Touchdown.

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The venue was cleared and no refunds were given in response

  A parent told a reporter from that affected by the epidemic, the Jushi Touchdown Indoor Campus will no longer have classes after January 18, 2020.

The outdoor campus was almost closed in December due to the winter break.

  "From August 8th, Stone Touchdown will only open the Chaoyang Park campus in Beijing and offer physical recovery training courses. Other campus courses are expected to be officially resumed in early September."

  However, on September 7, the coaches and sales consultants of Jushi Touchdown began to inform the parents in the WeChat group that all direct-run campuses of Jushi Touchdown in Beijing were no longer operating, and the boss Dong Yu lost contact.

All the coaches who participated in the August recovery training announced that there will be no more courses, the Chaoyang Park site fee will not be paid and will not be able to continue the class, and the official account will no longer be updated.

  “The school has not given us a clear statement for a long time, so the parents believe that this move by the Stone Touchdown school should be a “run away”.” Parent representative Ms. Liu said that her child has been studying in the Stone Touchdown for 3 years and has not yet The amount of performance is around 30,000 yuan.

Stone touchdown said he was hacked.

  In this regard, the official WeChat account of the Stone Touchdown released on September 12, “It has been hacked a bit badly in recent days. The sudden malicious attack almost knocked down the boulder, but the boulder is not dead. Please rest assured!”

  On the evening of September 13, the "Notice" was released on the official account of the Stone Touchdown, reiterating that the Stone Touchdown did not "run away".

  The "Notice" mentioned that the financing and loans of Stone Touchdown were delayed due to repeated epidemics and misinterpreted and amplified public opinions, which led to the depletion of cash flow.

The campuses that have resumed work one after another were stopped by the venue partners, and the Stone Touchdown was forced to shut down.

  However, the "Notice" did not mention a word about the refund issue that parents are concerned about.

Just to emphasize, "At present, Stone Touchdown is continuing to promote the possibility of financing and even mergers and acquisitions. After successful financing, it will be notified to resume classes as soon as possible."

  On September 15th, the reporter came to the office of Jushi Touchdown and found that the door was locked and no one was working. A notice from the real estate company was posted next to the door.

  The notice showed that after repeated calls, the Stone Touchdown still failed to fulfill the contract, and the real estate company took back the house on September 11.

The Stone Touchdown office was taken back by the real estate company.

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Some parents and coaches become shareholders

  Stone Touchdown was established in 2012 and provides bilingual teaching of American rugby to children of different ages from 3-12 years old.

Rugby teaching is a relatively niche market, and Stone Touchdown is the star enterprise in this field.

  Tianyan Check shows that the legal representative of Jushi Touchdown is Dong Yu, who is also its largest shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 35.69%, and Huayi Brothers is its third largest shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 15%.

  According to the previous data provided by Stone Touchdown, there are a total of 58,213 students across the country, 176 campuses covering 18 provinces and municipalities across the country, total class consumption (class hours) 6.6 million class hours, more than 200 teams, registered players 9821 people.

  In 2017, Stone Touchdown received two rounds of over 10 million yuan financing. Investors include Pan Shijian’s Kaixing Capital, Jiuhe Venture Capital and Huayi Brothers Sports.

But since last year, the crisis has gradually emerged.

  In June 2019, the Shanghai direct-run campus of Jushi Touchdown was the first to be exposed to "running", and its Shanghai direct-run main campus was nowhere to be found.

At that time, there were as many as 600 rights-defending parents, and the amount involved exceeded 10 million.

  A coach in Shanghai said that since November 2018, the organization has experienced wage delays.

Later, Stone Touchdown encouraged sales and coaches to invest in shares internally, saying that it would pay dividends by the end of the year.

"You can vote as much as you want, and you won't refuse."

  A coach in Beijing said that the company had organized employee incentive investments, which were divided into quarters.

"I invested 20,000 yuan and didn't get the corresponding dividend. The people around me invested between 10,000 and 60,000 yuan. In the end, I resigned without paying salary and insurance, and I didn't get my principal back."

The so-called dividend is far less than the original promise.

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  The parents who suffered the most in Beijing this time suffered the same routine.

In the second half of 2018, Jushi Touchdown launched the "Founding Member" course with a tuition fee of 50,000 yuan. Children's training enjoys more discounts and dividends, calculated at 0.1% of the school district's three-year net tuition income.

  According to incomplete statistics from parents in the rights protection group, at present, there are more than 200 founding members in Beijing, and this alone has absorbed more than 10 million yuan.

Some parents who became founding members earlier have received mid-year dividends, but the amount is seriously inconsistent with the promise.

  In addition, many parents of founding members in Beijing stated that when they applied for the founding membership, they were clearly attending classes in Beijing, but the signed contract marked the location of the class as a Shanghai campus of Jushi Touchdown. At the time, sales said this was a normal operation of the school.

Some parents bought the founding members of a venue in Beijing, but they were transferred to invest in a venue in Shanghai without their knowledge.

Based on this, the parents believe that considering the time of the thunderstorm on the Shanghai campus, it is possible that the money of the parents in Beijing was used to fill the hole in Shanghai.

The children are in class at the Stone Touchdown.

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Unexpected sales promotion, where tens of millions of

income is a


  Although the Stone Touchdown official account issued a statement saying that it suffered a break in the funding chain.

But combined with previous performances, parents suspect that the so-called "promotion" is "harvesting the last wave of leeks."

  "In November last year, the coach called us to renew the fee. We felt that the coach was very good and it was not easy. The discount offered was also very cost-effective, and it was renewed for one year." In May 2019, Ms. Fu from Beijing purchased the fee for the child. The cost of the one-year course is 12,300 yuan, and the renewal fee is only 6,160 yuan, a full 50% off.

  Many parents chose to renew their fees at that time because of the discount.

Rights protection parent Ms. Zhang found that, now recalling, “their prices are messy, everyone is different, and there is no uniform standard. It’s just a matter of looking at the dishes.”

  However, some parents had doubts about "founding members" before and stopped renewal, and escaped the trap of "renewal discount".

  Parent Mr. Lin told a reporter from “In December 2019, I received a coach’s WeChat, saying that there was an early renewal activity at the end of the year, which would give a 30% discount. It was said that it was a 30% discount, but in fact it is far more than that. My last time The renewal cost more than 12,000 yuan a year, and now 11060 yuan can be renewed for two years! I rejected this seemingly very attractive benefit. The Stone Touchdown must have had huge financial troubles at the time. This was to quench thirst with drinking poison."

Discount form provided by sales.

Interviewee provides

  In Ms. Zhang's view, the problem with Stone Touchdown is not simply a poor management, but a deliberate concealment.

"The Stone Touchdown launched a promotional payment activity at the end of 2019, and collected about 9 million yuan in total, but the flow of funds is unknown."

  In addition to the surprise promotion at the end of last year, Stone Touchdown even sold courses during the recovery training period from August 8 to September 6.

Many parents bought lesson bags through sales teachers, with a total amount of more than 100,000 yuan.

The parent, Ms. Guan, said, “We only paid the tuition fee on September 2. If there is no class for one day, the 7,600 yuan is gone.”

  Is it a discount sale or a roll-out?

The Stone Touchdown did not give a statement.

  However, the parents discovered that the venue contracted by the Stone Touchdown has been in arrears with venue fees, which led to the forced clearance of the Hongchang Jun Arena in Beijing’s Chaoyang District in June to July.

"No site fees were paid, and no wages were paid to employees."

The Stone Touchdown Sales said it has not paid wages for more than half a year.

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  "There is almost no hope for Jushi to start classes. Employees have not paid their wages from January to September, and social security has been suspended. A few days ago, I said that I could not start the class or pay the money, so I left my job and plan to go to arbitration." The sales consultant once said this to the parents.

  Some employees even questioned Dong Yu: "We received about 10 million yuan at the end of 2019. Is this money not enough to pay wages? Since January, wages will not be paid. Do you (Dong Yu) have any words in between?"

The employee questioned Dong Yu of the Stone Touchdown.

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Lawyer's statement: Behavior or suspected fraud

  Jiang Zhenxiang, vice president of the Bijie Lawyers Association, told "If the organization does attract many parents to renew fees through a 50% discount on surprise promotions, and there are facts such as fictitious state-owned enterprise holdings, people will go to empty buildings without refunds. If the contractual obligations are not fulfilled, the company’s behavior is suspected of fraud."

  Jiang Zhenxiang also pointed out that in judicial practice, the act of collecting large amounts of advances for a long time may be suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits.

  "Parents defrauded can report to the public security organs. If the fraud is finally determined through judicial procedures, the defrauded money can be recovered through the statutory recovery procedures. Jiang Zhenxiang said. learned that recently, parents have successively called the police.

  In the opinion of a rights defending parent, "Although rugby is a niche sport, the education industry needs social responsibility, and it cannot affect the industry's atmosphere and lower the bottom line. Even if you leave, you should be more decent."

  Today, in the Stone Touchdown rights protection group, parents and former Stone Touchdown employees are on the same front.

They all want to know: Where did my money go?