Yesterday (10th), the government organized a fourth additional budget for this year, worth 7 trillion won, and decided how to distribute the second disaster support fund for Corona 19.

Due to the reinforcement of social distancing, we provide 2 million won for businesses such as karaoke and PC cafes that are not open at all, and 1.5 million won for reduced business hours such as restaurants and cafes.

Reporter Park Chan-geun reports.


First of all, small business owners with annual sales of 400 million won or less can receive 1 million won each if their sales decline due to strengthening social distancing.

Businesses with reduced business hours, such as restaurants and cafes in the metropolitan area, receive 1.5 million won, and 2 million won for businesses that are banned from meetings, such as PC cafes and karaoke rooms.

However, entertainment pubs and martial arts are excluded from the application, and you can receive Danran pubs.

The government estimates that 2.91 million people, or 86% of all small business owners, will receive cash assistance.

Secondary employment security support is also provided to specially employed workers and freelancers.

An additional 500,000 won is paid to 500,000 people who have already received 1.5 million won for the first time since June.

In addition, after examining the decrease in income, 200,000 new applicants with qualifications are selected and given 1.5 million won.

A special job search subsidy of 500,000 won is provided to young people who are unable to find work due to reductions in hiring or postponement by companies.

Up to 1 million won will be paid to 880,000 low-income families who are in crisis due to unemployment, etc., depending on the number of families.

As the number of closures and closures increase, we pay 200,000 won per child to parents of preschool children and elementary school students.

[Hong Nam-ki/Deputy Prime Minister of Economy: From the standpoint of providing limited financial resources most efficiently, to provide thicker support where needed...

.] The

government said that it is preparing a substantial portion of cash aid before Chuseok.