As Kakao Games recorded'Daesang' on the first day of listing on the 10th (the upper limit on the first day of listing after the initial price was determined to be twice the public offering price), the company's executives and staff members earned an valuation margin of more than 500 million won per person with the stock option (stock option).

According to the Kakao Games investment prospects, the total number of stock options that this company has granted to its employees so far is 48,822,164 shares (excluding canceled quantities), the strike price is 5,95~17,912 won, and the average strike price is 1 It is 1,361 won.

On this day, the initial price of Kakao Games was set at 48,000 won, which is twice the public offering price, and then soared to 62,400 won (+30.00%) during the intraday, and the gain on the evaluation of employee stock options was estimated to be 246.1 billion won Done.

Kakao Games gave stock options to a total of 443 employees (including duplicates) on 11 occasions from December 2015 to January.

Of these, Kye-Hyun Jo received 150,000 shares, former Chief Financial Officer Nam Jae-gwan received 127,000 shares, the remaining 441 employees received 4.455,000,164 shares, and an average of 1306 shares per person.

On this day, CEO Cho earned about 7.2 billion won and former CFO Nam about 7.3 billion won.

General employees have already exercised 1.62,500 shares of stock options, and assuming that the employees continue to hold the purchased stocks, the gain on the stock option valuation of the employees is KRW 231.7 billion in total, per person. It amounts to about 530 million won.

In addition, some employees may have received multiple duplicates of stock options, in which case the valuation margin will be much higher than the average per person.

In addition, the employee stock ownership members, who were allocated 1522,288 shares of stock at the public offering price (24,000 won), also earned 38,400 won per share, a total valuation gain of 584 billion won on the first day of listing.

If this is calculated as the number of Kakao Games employees (346 regular employees), it is about 170 million won per person, but according to Kakao Games, not only the headquarters but also employees of subsidiaries such as Friends Games are eligible to apply for employee stock ownership.

Therefore, the actual number of employee stock ownership members is much higher than the number of Kakao Games employees, and the average valuation margin per person is estimated to be around tens of millions of won.

An official from Kakao Games said, "In the case of SK Biopharm, the number of employees is only 200, so there is a big difference in the amount allocated per person." Delivered.

Meanwhile, with this listing, the company's executives, including each CEO Nam Gung-hoon, have also been able to sit on the'money cushion'.

The valuation of 24,125,500 shares held by Namgung soared to KRW 150.5 billion on this day, and the value of the evaluation of XL Games, CEO Song Jae-kyung (holding 56,824 shares), reached KRW 35.4 billion.

In addition, Gye-Hyun Jo also owns 150,000 stocks, which allowed him to enjoy up to KRW 7.2 billion in stock option valuation gains and up to KRW 9.4 billion in valuation of shares held.

Kakao Games' parent company, Kakao (58.96%), recorded a value of KRW 2.14 trillion.

(Photo = Courtesy of Korea Exchange, Yonhap News)