Small businesses with annual sales of 400 million won or less, whose sales decreased after the re-proliferation of Corona 19, will receive 1 million won.

In addition, restaurants and coffee shops in the metropolitan area, which were limited in business hours due to reinforcement of social distancing among small businessmen, received 1.5 million won, and high-risk facilities nationwide such as PC cafes, singing practice centers, buffets, etc. Facilities, reading rooms, and academies are charged 2 million won.

Entertainment bars and martial arts were not eligible for application.

On the 10th, the government announced that it will temporarily create a'New Hope Fund for Small Businesses' to provide a total of KRW 3.2 trillion to 291 million small business owners across the country to stabilize the management of small businesses who are suffering from social distancing.

This is 86% of all small business owners.

First of all, we will pay 1 million won in management stabilization funds to 2.43 million small businesses with annual sales of 400 million won or less, whose sales declined after the re-proliferation of Corona 19.

The total size is 2.4 trillion won.

Two million won and 1.5 million won will be paid to the collective prohibited and restricted collective businesses, respectively, due to the second stage of social distancing across the country and the 2.5th stage of the metropolitan area.

150,000 small business owners such as PC rooms, singing practice centers, buffets, and other high-risk facilities nationwide, and indoor sports facilities, reading rooms, and academies in the metropolitan area, are eligible for 2 million won.

These small business owners decided to pay 2 million won in consideration of the fact that they suffered the most from the business interruption.

However, among the 12 high-risk facilities for which a group ban was issued, entertainment pubs and non-painting facilities were excluded from support.

However, among entertainment pubs, Danran Izakaya was included in the application.

Danran Izakaya is open to cooking or selling alcoholic beverages and even allowing customers to sing.

Minister of SMEs and Startups Park Young-sun explained, "Some local governments are setting up a policy to support entertainment pubs that go beyond Danran pubs. That's in the direction of respecting the opinions of local governments, and the government decided to support only Danran pubs." I did.

323,000 small business owners such as restaurants and coffee shops in the metropolitan area, who were limited in business hours as a result of 2.5 steps to keep social distance in the metropolitan area, receive a total of KRW 500 billion, each of 1.5 million KRW.

Subsidies for these prohibited and restricted businesses are paid regardless of the size or decrease in sales.

The government has decided to pay 500,000 won for re-challenge incentives for small business owners who are out of business so that they can smoothly prepare for employment and re-starting.

We plan to pay 100 billion won to a total of 200,000 people.

However, it is a policy to be paid on condition of completion of online training related to employment and re-startup.

The government plans to simplify the application process so that most of the support procedures can be quickly received without submitting additional data by making the most of administrative information, such as the amount of VAT reported by the National Tax Service and the number of regular workers of the Health Insurance Corporation.

Minister Park Young-sun said, "Simple taxation of less than 48 million won in sales can be supported without data as long as it is confirmed that they are small business owners, and the number of persons corresponding to this is about 1.5 million, and the portion that exceeds the simple taxation is the average sales and VAT in 2019 I will see and judge.”

He added, "In the case of small business owners who opened in 2020, we plan to determine whether or not the sales decrease through various data such as monthly sales per day."

(Photo = Yonhap News)