In the past three months, executives of listed banks have made frequent adjustments.

The Paper noted that the "post-80s" are gradually on the "stage" of listed bank executives, especially in Jiangsu Province, which has the most A-share listed banks.

  At present, the youngest vice president of listed banks comes from Jiangyin Bank (002807.SZ).

On June 18, the Jiangyin Bank's executive qualification approval announcement showed that Ni Zhijuan and Wang Kai were approved as the vice presidents of Jiangyin Bank.

  Wang Kai, vice president of Jiangyin Bank, was born in July 1986 and has a bachelor's degree.

He joined the work in 2009 and served successively as teller of Jiangyin Bank's Huangtu Sub-branch, Suining Sub-branch Accounting Assistant, Credit Supervisor, and President Assistant, Vice President of Ligang Sub-branch, President of Chengdong Sub-branch, General Manager of Small and Micro Finance Department of Jiangyin Bank.

  On June 18, the "Announcement on the Resolutions of the First Meeting of the Seventh Board of Directors" issued by the Bank of Hangzhou showed that Wang Zhisen was decided to be appointed as the securities affairs representative of the Bank of Hangzhou for a term until the expiration of the seventh board of directors.

  Wang Zhisen was born in January 1980 and graduated from Zhejiang University and Fudan University with a postgraduate degree and an MBA.

He is currently the Deputy Director of the Office of the Board of Directors of Bank of Hangzhou and the representative of securities affairs.

  On July 7, Jiangyin Bank (002807.SZ) issued the "Announcement on Approval of the Qualifications of Senior Managers", which indicated that Yuan Kun’s qualifications for the assistant governor of Jiangyin Bank were approved.

  Yuan Kun was born in November 1984. He has a postgraduate degree. He started working in 2006. He has served as Deputy General Manager of the Electronic Banking Department of Jiangsu Shuyang Rural Commercial Bank, President of Yitao Sub-branch of Jiangsu Shuyang Rural Commercial Bank, and Zhangji Sub-branch of Jiangsu Shuyang Rural Commercial Bank Chief, Senior Director of Product R&D Department of Jiangsu Rural Credit Cooperative Association.

From May this year, he served as Assistant to the President of Jiangyin Bank (suspended post).

  On August 4, Zhangjiagang Bank (002839.SZ) issued the "Announcement on Approval of the Qualifications of Senior Executives", which showed that the Suzhou Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau approved Wu Kai’s qualifications for the position of President of Zhangjiagang Bank and approved Tao Yi’s deputy branch of Zhangjiagang Bank. Qualifications for the post of president, approved the post of assistant to the president of Wu Jiaqiang Zhangjiagang Bank.

  Although Wu Kai, the new president of Zhangjiagang Bank, is not a "post-80s", he is also the youngest president of A-share listed banks.

Wu Kai was born in March 1979, a member of the Communist Party of China, a postgraduate degree, and an economist.

Served as an employee of Chengjiang Credit Cooperative in Jiangyin City, Assistant to General Manager and Deputy General Manager of International Business Department of Jiangyin Bank, Deputy General Manager of Capital Operation Department (in charge of work), President of Shengang Branch of Jiangyin Bank, General Manager of Financial Interbank Department, Deputy Bank of Jiangyin Bank Director and Vice President of Yangtze South Rural Commercial Bank.

The current Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangjiagang Bank.

  Tao Yi, the vice president of Zhangjiagang Bank who was approved with Wu Kai, is a veritable "post-85".

Tao Yi was born in December 1985, a member of the Communist Party of China, graduate degree.

Served as staff, supervisor, technical consultant, team supervisor, director of the business management department, assistant to the general manager of the Microfinance Center of Changshu Rural Commercial Bank, and vice president of Wuxi Binhu Xingfu Village Bank.

He is currently a member of the Party Committee of Zhangjiagang Bank, general manager of the small and micro financial business department, and general manager of the inclusive financial business department.

  Wu Jiaqiang, assistant to the president of Zhangjiagang Bank, was born in August 1985. He is a member of the Communist Party of China and holds a postgraduate degree.

Served as comprehensive teller, credit back office, and deputy director of the office of the Guannan County Rural Credit Cooperative Business Department, comprehensive secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Cooperative Office, assistant to the manager of the administrative confidential team, and secretary of the Provincial Federation of Societies Committee.

The current Assistant to the President of Zhangjiagang Bank (suspended post).

  On August 26, Zijin Bank (601860.SH) issued the "Announcement on the Change of Chairman and Senior Management", which showed that Zhang Xiaojun, chairman of Zijin Bank, ceased to be chairman of the bank due to his age, and President Tang Yu took over Zhang Xiaojun. Served as Chairman of Zijin Bank.

In addition, Zijin Bank appointed Shi Wenxiong as President and Xu Guoyu as Vice President.

  Xu Guoyu, vice president of Zijin Bank, was born in October 1980. He has a doctoral degree, a member of the Communist Party of China, and has worked in finance for 12 years.

He used to be a researcher of Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. Research Institute, senior manager of margin trading department, senior manager of business development department of Jiangsu Rural Credit Cooperatives, and senior manager of financial market department.

In September 2019, he served as Assistant to the President of Zijin Bank.

  Reporter Chen Peizhen