Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi "I want to cooperate with the new LDP president" September 7, 18:42

Chairman Nakanishi of the Keidanren held a press conference for the first time after announcing the recurrence of lymphoma, and stated that he would continue to address the economic challenges of the new coronavirus as chairman, and succeeded Prime Minister Abe. He stressed that he would like to work with the new LDP president.

Mr. Nakanishi, Keidanren, was hospitalized after being diagnosed with lymphoma last year and then returned to hospital. However, he was hospitalized again in July and revealed that the lymphoma had recurred.

Chairman Nakanishi said at the first press conference after the announcement on the 7th, “I found out that the recurrence was due to a regular inspection, but my physical condition is not so bad. I am sorry for everyone because it is a difficult economic situation, but I want to do my best. As a chairman, he continued to show his willingness to tackle the economic issues that were affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, while utilizing the online conference system.

In addition, regarding the election of the LDP president who elects to replace Prime Minister Abe, "In the past, the business community and the government have shared the awareness that if one mistake is made, a large number of employees will be dismissed, unemployed, or a company will go bankrupt. This point will not change at all, so I would like to make various statements and cooperate as a business community."