Reporter Kwon Ae-ri, friendly economy.

As the economic recession prolonged due to Corona 19, existing jobs have decreased a lot, but it will be a really difficult time for students and twenties who need to come to society now.



These days are the so-called second half season of public debt.

However, many children in their twenties who have graduated from school this year or who are about to graduate now are riding.

Youth jobs, the number of places where people who start working now can go is clearly visible.

The Job Portal Inc. conducted a survey of 530 listed companies.

As of the end of August, only 57.2% of them confirmed that they would recruit new college graduates in the second half.

It's barely over half.

It is down by nearly 10 percentage points from last year.

Even though they are electing, 40% of companies are reducing the size of their jobs.

In particular, it was evident that the number of mid-sized companies decreased compared to large companies.

Right now, maintaining an existing organization is too much.

Nearly 30% answered that they have not yet set up a hiring plan, but the fact that they have not yet decided whether or not to hire means that even if they decide to hire, it can be said that the number of people is not so large.

Even companies with hiring plans have a lot of places like "indefinite postponement" and "we will announce schedule again" as Corona 19 re-proliferates since mid-August.


There seems to be more and more changes in the hiring structure, but you feel that occasional hiring is rather becoming a general hiring form?



Although the number of occasional recruitment has already increased a lot since before Corona, Corona certainly seems to accelerate the change.

This is the first time that listed companies are recruiting more often than public loans.

Among the top 10 companies, LG and KT have switched from time to time this year.

When it comes to public loans, it was typical for large corporations to rent a suitable school on the weekends, take notes on a large scale, and interview for a few days.This event itself is burdensome because of the coronavirus.

So, there are also places to postpone indefinitely, and there is also a feeling that we cannot increase jobs a lot.

Bonds have also been a way to stand out and show how much more youth jobs are created for larger companies.

We will select new recruits who have the qualities to become talented people in our company, and what kind of man, that is, to become people in our company.

It also shows the situation.

However, it is easy to move from the company's point of view to the occasional hiring that each division will use it whenever there is a seat.

You can't see how much you pulled from outside.

It is not really a reinforcement, but a good system to replenish.

Also, a person who can do all of the work as soon as he arrives, rather than a person who starts with qualities, has an advantage in a career position.

That's why companies have been increasing their recruitment method in the era of low growth, and they even met Corona.


Corona is the era of untouched, but if you choose people without meeting them in person, are these things more and more?



Among the companies that have not delayed hiring these days, many companies have significantly increased the non-face-to-face approach to hiring.

[Lee Joong-kyung/Preparing for employment: I sometimes took a written test online.

When taking a test, seeing yourself with your own camera and cheating or not...

They even made it light up the computer terminal to see if they could cheat.]

About 45% of companies say that they introduced non-face-to-face admissions during the hiring process this year.

In fact, it is possible to substitute online in all processes, such as AI interviews, video interviews with personnel in charge, and online PT or sending videos.

Among the large corporations, there were quite a few cases where only the last gateway, the executive interview, was face-to-face, or all the last interview was non-face-to-face, starting from work.

And there are quite a few places that have planned such hiring in the second half.

Even after going to work, it is difficult to find such a large-scale new employee OT these days.

Increasingly, people work from home or go to work at their base offices.

In fact, it is also seen that the companies that actively hired Untact this year are companies that can relatively adapt to the corona situation.

Companies are literally a place where they come together to generate profits, and the definition of this gathering itself is being renewed.

It would be nice if there were a few new hires this year and there would be more atmosphere, but it doesn't seem easy.

And there are many people who become new employees this year and start their work life as office workers with a slightly different color than ever before.