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you go to a restaurant area in Seoul, which was usually crowded with people, these days there are many phrases such as closing or renting.

The number of shopping centers in Seoul in the second quarter of this year decreased by more than 20,000 from the first quarter.

More than 10,000 restaurants have been closed, and the number of PC cafes and entertainment establishments that are currently unavailable due to coronavirus has decreased significantly.

As a result of a survey of 3,000 small businessmen nationwide, six out of 10 stores that reported that sales decreased by more than 90% due to Corona 19, so more than half of them are considering closing their business.

From the perspective of small business owners nowadays, there are many stories about the criteria for receiving the support funds.

This is reporter Park Chan-geun.


Self-employed people who have been hit directly by sales through reinforced social distancing appeal that they desperately need a penny of support.

[Restaurant President: (Sales) fell by a quarter.

Can you show me?

(Subsidy) Of course you need it.

The rent and the labor cost are the same.]

First of all, the employment security subsidy is expected to be paid once more to workers outside of employment insurance such as special employment types or freelancers.

For small business owners and self-employed persons, support plans are being reviewed when sales decline over a certain level is confirmed.

12 businesses that are banned from gatherings such as karaoke and those with virtually reduced business hours such as general restaurants are eligible for intensive support.

A Democratic Party official said, "More than 80% of small business owners and self-employed are discussing standards to ensure that they receive support."

Nevertheless, there may be various cases where it is difficult to prove damage, such as cases that have recently been established or have already closed.

[Restaurant President: (Last year) It opened in mid-December.

Isn't that a bit of a blind spot for someone who doesn't have a way to prove their sales down?

.] It

became important to establish standards to minimize controversy over equity.

[Kim Sang-Bong/Hansung University Economics Professor: I don't think there is any problem with the direction itself.

However, how do you effectively give it or how do you set the standard? These parts are a little problematic...


Although the government's goal is to pay before Chuseok, there are concerns that even if there is sales performance, it will take time to prove and screen.

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