It was surveyed that three out of four large corporations were unable to plan for new recruitment in the second half of this year or would not hire one at all.

The Korea Economic Research Institute under the FKI recently commissioned Research & Research to investigate new hiring plans for the second half of this year for companies with 500 sales, and as a result, half (50%) of all respondents (120) said that they did not plan for new hiring. Revealed.

In the second half of the year, 24.2% of companies answered that they did not hire new employees at all.

Considering that 32.5% of companies with no recruitment plan and 8.8% of companies with zero new hires in the first half recruitment survey conducted in February, Han Kyung-yeon analyzed that the new recruitment market in the second half of this year will be worse than in the first half.

Among the large companies (25.8% of the total respondents) that had plans to hire new employees in the second half of the year, only 22.6% said they would increase their recruitment size from last year.

Most (77.4%) had fewer or similar hiring size plans than last year.

When asked why it was not possible to increase new hiring, 69.8% of respondents cited the economic deterioration due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

"The deteriorating business performance of the company and the lack of incentives for new hires due to employment rigidity are heading to the worst situation in history." I said.