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2.5 steps of social distancing has been extended for a week, business owners of high-risk facilities such as karaoke and PC rooms, which have already been closed since then, are in fact complaining that they are in crisis of bankruptcy.

In some PC cafes, food such as pork cutlet sold in stores is delivered to the outside.

This is Lee Sung-hoon.


Mr. Kim, who runs a coin karaoke in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Since the store has not been opened since the 19th of last month, only dust accumulates in the karaoke equipment.

[Mr. Kim/Coin karaoke owner: Since it becomes banned from gatherings, I'm going to endure and endure the risk of getting money from acquaintances and being sued for name law.]

I couldn't pay rent and the unpaid management fee was over 8 million won.

I tried to find a part-time job because of my poor living, but it was not easy.

[Mr. Kim/Coin karaoke owner: Even though I watch a part-time job interview at a convenience store, dozens of people do interviews a day.

I have no countermeasures as to what to do.] The

situation is similar in PC cafes.

As the demand for delivery surged as a result of strengthening distancing measures, they sometimes turned their eyes to delivery as a problem.

Some PC cafes registered as rest restaurants registered with delivery companies and started delivering food, but the reality is that it is not easy.

[PC cafe owner: You decide to live to die.

There are a lot of specialized companies, but if you try to eat a PC cafe, your competitiveness is also low.

You do it reluctantly.]

The reaction is that they are worried that the image of a high-risk facility will disappear even after the business suspension is resolved.

[Kim Byeong-soo/President of the Korea Internet PC Culture Association: If youth are concerned, this should be made so that they can temporarily stop accepting youth and do business until the high-risk facility is released...


PC cafe owners are demanding that the order to suspend business be lifted as there are partitions in the seats, so there is a low concern about the spread of splashes.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)