Toshiba General Meeting of Shareholders Overseas investment fund documents not delivered Not reflected in voting 23 September 22:22

At the shareholders' meeting held in Toshiba this July, it was revealed that the documents of overseas investment funds, which expressed the pros and cons of the election of directors, did not reach the company by the deadline and were not reflected in the voting. It was

The investment fund mailed the papers three days before the deadline, and Toshiba is checking to see if there was a delivery problem.

Toshiba's general meeting of shareholders was held on July 31st, and four proposals such as the election of directors were consulted.However, if shareholders vote in advance for or against the Internet or by mail, the evening of the previous day Was due.

According to Toshiba, some of the major shareholders sent a “voting right exercise form” indicating the pros and cons of this shareholders meeting to the company, but it did not arrive by the deadline and was not reflected in the voting.

This major shareholder is an overseas investment fund that holds about 4% of Toshiba's stock, and when the company checked it, it said that about 1% of the voting form was mailed from Tokyo three days before the deadline. is.

The destination is also in Tokyo, and Toshiba and the trust bank that undertakes the affairs of the general meeting of shareholders are checking whether there is a problem with delivery.

At the shareholders' meeting, at least 57% of the proposals proposed by the company have been approved, and even the highest proposal proposed by shareholders has been rejected with only 43%.