Drone development to restore communication of mobile phone in case of disaster SoftBank Aug 31 20:14

A drone that quickly restores mobile phone communications in an area damaged by a major disaster such as a typhoon was developed, and it is aimed at commercialization in the future.

This drone was developed by Softbank, a mobile giant, and has a relay system that wirelessly connects nearby base stations.

On the 31st, the state of the flight in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture was announced to the press, and the drone reached a height of 100 meters from the ground in about 50 seconds.

In addition to being able to continue flying for more than 50 hours, it is possible to restore communication within an hour at the latest after arriving at the site, which means that approximately 2000 people within a radius of 10 km can communicate at the same time.

In addition, a drone that looks for a missing person based on the location information of the mobile phone was also released, and work was performed to detect radio waves from the mobile phone buried in the earth and sand and debris and check it on the monitor.

Teruya Fujii, who was in charge of development, said, "I think this is a technology that can contribute to many people in the event of a major disaster. I want to continue research and development and improve the accuracy of the technology."

In order to secure communications in the event of a disaster, NTT Docomo is developing a base station that can cover a wider area than before, and KDDI is also taking measures between major telecommunications companies, such as operating ships equipped with base station functions. The movement to strengthen is expanding.