The end of Corona 19, like a long tunnel, is not visible. It's hard for everyone, but there are people who suffer more especially during this period. These are the people who were hit by the economic direct hit by Corona 19.

Statistics show that the corona recession is weighing more on someone. According to the '2nd Quarter Household Trends Survey' published by the National Statistical Office, earned income, which accounts for the largest portion of total income, was 3.22 million won, a decrease of 5.3% (180,000 won). This is the largest decline since 2003 when related statistics were made. Not only earned income but also business income and property income decreased.

● The top 20% decrease their earned income by 4%, and the bottom 20% decrease by 18%,

but if you look inside, the reality of the low-income class is even more disastrous. The lower the income group, such as daily and temporary workers, the greater the decrease in earned income earned by working. Earned income of the bottom 20% of income decreased by 18% from a year ago, the largest drop in the second quarter. On the other hand, the top 20% of income decreased by 4%, which was relatively less. The reason why the low-income class, whose jobs were cut off and income disappeared, was able to survive was because of the government support including emergency disaster subsidies. In the case of the bottom 20% of households, public transfer income including disaster subsidies, that is, government subsidies, was 833,000 won, almost half of the monthly average income .

At the interview site in the past few months, I am more concerned about livelihoods than infection after coronavirusI met people named. I carefully asked them about their latest regards on the phone. Unfortunately, their answer was a painful progression.

"Since February, sales have been zero because of the corona. I leaned on the Emergency Employment Security Subsidy, but it also finished in three months. I couldn't pay the rent right away, so I got rid of the office. People like us have hard credit loans, so there really is no hole for money. I'm in a hurry, so I reach out to my acquaintances and families. But I don't know how long this will be possible." -Mr. A, a small business owner whose income for the last 7 months was '0'

It was mainly low-income people who were forced to leave unpaid leave or voluntarily leave the company using Corona 19 as a'all-round cheat key. It is still commonplace to expel employees without applying for employment maintenance subsidies. Most of the people who were forced to do this were non-regular workers with unstable employment or workers outside of employment insurance.

"It's a tougher situation for those on unpaid leave. Even though they're on a leave, they remain employees of the company. But they don't know where to go... And it's hard and just frustrating to find a job after eating sixty years old." -Mr

. B, an in-flight cleaning worker who is on an unpaid leave of an Asiana Airlines subcontractor, a freelancer who was originally unstable in his job situation also cut off his income for several months. A theater actor, whom I met two months ago for coverage, said that he couldn't hold up, so these days he's trying to find a construction job, but even that is not an easy situation.

“People who perform were never difficult, so I thought it would be okay after a while. But there is a limit to lasting a month or two. The planned performances are being postponed without promise, and the income is negative or zero. I can't. There are basic fixed expenses like eating kids." -20-year-old theater actor C, whose performances have been suspended since February

● The'truth'

virus that the weight of the disaster is not all the same is spreading indiscriminately, but those with weak economic barriers endure the pain more'discriminately'. There is. That's why we need to look at people who are more afraid of being driven by the brink of their livelihood than infection. In the fight against the prolonged virus, some of our neighbors are falling silently.