[Explanation] Since the beginning of autumn, 10,000 acres of sunflowers in Manas County, Changji, Xinjiang have entered a large-scale harvest period. Growers are rushing to harvest sunflowers during farming, and there is a busy harvest scene in the fields.

  [Explanation] Four sunflower harvesters shuttled back and forth in the 7000 acres of sunflower field owned by Zhou Lei, a farmer in Baojiadian Town. Zhou Lei and the farmers are putting the air-dried sunflower flower trays into the harvester. Through the separation system and the cleaning system, The clean sunflower is collected in the hopper box, and the mechanized harvesting will complete the drying and cleaning at one time, which improves the harvesting efficiency.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Lei, sunflower grower, Baojiadian Town, Manas County, Changji County, Xinjiang

  The sunflowers we planted this year are now in the harvest period. The production capacity per mu is expected to reach 250 to 260 kg. The market price should be around 11 yuan. If harvested in these two days, the output value per mu should be 2600 yuan to 2700 yuan. Yuan, our cost per mu of land is 1800 yuan, and the net profit should be 800 to 900 yuan per mu.

  [Explanation] In order to speed up the harvesting speed and quality of sunflowers, this year, sunflower grower Zhou Lei invested 150,000 yuan to purchase a new sunflower harvester, which is suitable for mobile sunflower harvesting operations after drying in the field. It can complete threshing, warehousing, Unloading grain, each sunflower harvester can save 20 labor costs per day and 100 yuan per mu, which makes sunflower harvesting more time-saving and labor-saving.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Lei, sunflower grower, Baojiadian Town, Manas County, Changji County, Xinjiang

  This year we introduced this new type of thresher. Compared with the previous year, the efficiency has been greatly improved. The advantage of this machine is that it will not peel or break, and then it will harvest between 120 and 150 acres every day, which takes a lot of time. decreased.

  [Explanation] This year, Baojiadian Town has planted more than 7,000 mu of sunflowers, accounting for 70% of the total sown area of ​​the county. The planting of sunflowers is helpful for land rotation and restoring. The majority of growers have realized the concentrated and continuous planting of sunflowers through land transfer. Large-scale operation. In addition, the wide application of new technologies such as precision seeding, integration of drip irrigation with water and fertilizer, and mechanized harvesting saves production costs while ensuring output and quality.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Lei, sunflower grower, Baojiadian Town, Manas County

  When we plant this sunflower, first of all, we choose the best-selling products on the market from the variety, and then plant them on orders after they are planted. After planting, the manufacturer will collect them for us, which reduces our risk.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the total sown area of ​​sunflowers in Manas County, Changji, Xinjiang this year is close to 10,000 mu, and the harvest is expected to be completed by the end of August.

  Rong Rui Walisjiang·Umar River reports from Changji, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]