[Explanation] On August 25, Daxing Airport ushered in the second flight transfer in 2020. At that time, some flights of China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines will transfer from Capital Airport to Daxing Airport. On the morning of the 24th, a reporter from China News Agency visited Daxing Airport in advance.

  [Explanation] According to reports, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines plan to transfer 40 and 51 flights to Daxing Airport this time, for a total of 91 flights. After the completion of this transfer, about 87% of China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiary China United Airlines operated in Beijing at Daxing Airport.

  [Concurrent] Dong Bin, deputy general manager of China Eastern Airlines Beijing Ground Service Department

  After the transfer of these 40 flights, we actually completed the season change of our October flights in this winter and spring two months ahead of schedule. After the transfer, there will be more than 280 flights open at Daxing Airport.

  [Explanation] Bao Xincan, deputy general manager of China Southern Airlines Beijing Branch, introduced that after the completion of this transfer, 80% of China Southern Airlines' flights in Beijing will be transferred to Daxing Airport. China Southern Airlines Group plans to exceed the daily average daily flight volume at Daxing Airport. 330 flights, reaching 48 waypoints.

  [Concurrent] Bao Xincan, Deputy General Manager of China Southern Airlines Beijing Branch

  The routes involved in the transfer of China Southern Airlines include three places such as Hunan, Northeast and Xinjiang. Among them, the special reminder is that China Southern Airlines' flights on Urumqi, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and Changsha will all transfer to Daxing. Airport operation, in addition to our flights from Beijing to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Kunming, we may need to remind passengers to maintain two operations at Capital Airport and Daxing Airport.

  [Explanation] The relevant person in charge of Daxing Airport stated that according to the operation of the airport, Daxing Airport may start the second and third phases of flight transfers in the future, involving related airlines such as China Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, and Air China.

  [Concurrent] Yang Yu, Operation Planning Business Manager, Daxing Airport Operation Management Department

  The total number of transitions in the second and third phases of the four airlines is about 150. After the three-phase transitions are fully implemented, the number of routes at Daxing Airport will reach 440, and our navigable cities will reach 136, the navigation capability and radiation capability will be further enhanced.

  【Explanation】Because China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and other airlines operate at Daxing Airport and Capital Airport in "two sessions". Daxing Airport specially reminds passengers and relatives and friends of the airport to confirm departure or arrival at the airport in advance to avoid leaving by mistake.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Chunyuan, Operation Management Business Manager, Terminal Management Department, Daxing Airport

  But in the unlikely event that he arrives at Daxing Airport by mistake, we will issue him a passenger mistaken label. With this label, he can enjoy some fast customs clearance services when he heads to the Capital Airport.

  Reporter Liu Chao reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]